Artisan Whole Ground Royal Spices for Authentic Curry Cooking

Highly flavoursome, aromatic hand selected premium directly from source

Traditional Fresh 5-Spice Pack 



£10 Traditional Gujarati Fresh Whole Ground 5 Spice Pack Turmeric, coarse whole Coriander, whole ground aromatic Cumin, ground red Indian chilli, tadka 5-Spice. 30g of each, ~10-15 servings


Specially selected authentic Indian curry cooking spices with a difference. The individual spices are hand ground with care and lots of TLC.  It's imperative to preserve the essential oils and aromas.  A crucial part of real Gujararti cooking is the need for spices to be absolutely fresh and ground to optimal particle size without destroying delicate flavours, textures or loss of complex perfumes. The spices are individually prepared by hand in small batches using traditional whole spice grinding methods. The spices are individually packed in a foil backed resealable airtight pouch. This locks-down aroma and freshness.  Everything is done to prevents oxidation and keep all the freshness for that the perfect curry. You'll notice the awesome power of these premium artisan spices specially the difference in aroma, flavours and texture which is so important to scratch cooking. The spices come in ~30g units, sufficient to last 2-3 months and are designed to be refreshed after 3-4 months.  Many spices lurk in the back of the cupboard for years on end and curries never the taste fresh. Fresh quality spices are necessary for vibrant and authentic tasty curry cooking.

The core Indian Gujarati spices collection comprises of turmeric, ground aromatic cumin, coarse textured coriander, premium quality Indian whole ground red chilli for flavours and tadka spices made up of small brown mustard seeds, whole toasted cumin, fenugreek seeds together with a touch of asafoetida. The tadka spices are essential to impart flavour and aroma into the sunflower oil at the beginning of the cooking process. 



Whole coriander freshly coarse ground for optimal perfume retention and textures

Aromatic whole cumin, petite brown mustard seeds interspersed with premium fenugreek seeds together with dry green chillies for a balanced tadka - flavouring of cooking oils 


fine ground turmeric so a disperse and dissolve away in a dish imparting the subtle earthy perfumed flavours and vibrant colours 

Quality Indian red medium-hot chilli coarse ground, vibrant red, beautifully retaining aroma and heat.  


5 key authentic Indian spices perfectly for creative traditional Indian scratch cooking 

 Aromatic cumin ground to release a balance of flavour and aroma,ready to impart a sensual taste and tones to remember





Fresh Authentic Curry Paste Sauce, 

Traditional Curry Cooking made simple 

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