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It was super yum!! lamb raan Thank you so much.  All guests blown out of the water


Priya xx , Woodhall Spa

Hi, I made an Indian inspired dinner for my friends last week. The highlight was the main course, a delicious lamb raan made with your spices. I have to say it was the best Indian dish we have ever eaten. It fell off the bone, and that sauce!!!!  

Sarah, Bromsgrove.

Thanks Bipin,   Your sauces both smell and taste wonderful!

Kind regards, Kathy, Winchcombe

Hi Bipin, It was awesome, thank you!

Mark, London

Hi Bipin

It went very well.  I cooked both masalas on the same night for my brother in law and husband. I had only chicken on the bone so I fried the pieces with the masala first. I added two tablespoons of yoghurt to the Methi Masala and some water to turn it into a curry. The Surti chicken was excellent and I just made it sukha. The verdict was great and I made two chicken curries in half an hour, which is a result. 

Malik, London

Confirmed convert !   

Robert, Selby, North Yorkshire

Hi Bipins, Great stuff!  This is the second time I made it. I used cauliflower cous cous to make it low carb.  It was immense!  

Lisa, Moffat.

Hi Bipins, I'm afraid I got so carried away making my curry that I forgot to take photos! I still have a packet left for a night next week so will take some then. What can I say, everybody raved about it! It was the most beautiful tasting curry I have ever had! Such flavour and colour. I used coconut milk and it worked so well together. I'm very pleased I have found your creations I am hooked! I :) Many thanks,

Lisa, Moffat

Hi  Bipins, A pic of my second go with your Massaman paste , lovely, Your Naga is first class also. Tried the Methi last night - excellent- great flavour and texture.

Kind regards

Steve, Burgess Hill

Hi Bipin, I would like to thank you for both the surti  masala and Agni masala made with lemon rice as advised.  Everyone thought the meals were superb both curries went down a treat.  I think we will be trying the Lamb Raan next, that looks and sounds fab. Thanks for your help. Angela, Cardiff.

Good afternoon Bipin,  Just to let you know, your pastes arrived yesterday. We had the butter chicken which was really good!. Cheers Steve, Lancashire

Hi Bipin, Hope you are well. I have been meaning to send you these photos of how our lamb raan  turned out for a while! It was fantastic and well worth waiting for. Thanks for the superb spice packs - such a great product.  All the best, John, Fareham.

Bipin, I just wanted to let you know that the Lamb Raan spice kit worked brilliantly and the results were enjoyed by all.  We will try it again, with the 'pressure off' just for ourselves! Karina, Bedford

Hi Bipin, I followed your instructions (Lamb raan Recipe) exactly apart from the fact I boned the leg of lamb. I made sure everything was covered and turned regularly to make certain the lamb was well coated and wouldn't go dry.  The evening was a complete success with the lamb completely demolished. Thank you so much for your advice and the wonderful flavours. The only change I think I would make would be to reduce the cooking time, perhaps an hour, due to the boning of the lamb, but that's for the next big event!
Many thanks Bob, Selby

We had one of the curries on Boxing Day & it's still my favourite.  Sharon, Blairgowrie.

Good evening bipin, have just made lamb raan using your spices. what can i say .the best i have had . melt in the mouth. A SHOW STOPPER.thanks bipin kind regards Nigel, Claydon.


The Lamb Raan was a great success.

The recipe was easy to follow and the masala pastes arrived bang on time.

The lamb was to die for, quite the best I have ever tasted, and certainly the best I have ever cooked. Our guests were all in agreement.

Thank you, a superb product that I would recommend to anybody.

Malcolm, Warwick

Hi Bipin

Your Masala is really excellent. Very impressed. Goodbye Mr Patak  Hello Mr Bipin !!   Leslie, Paignton, Devon

Hello Bipin's

The Masala have been safely delivered.  I am looking forward to tomorrow’s dinner!  I have been using your masala since Christmas when my son gave me them for a present as he had enjoyed the flavours so much.

Thank you very much for your help.  

Tricia, Dundee

Hi Bipin, 

I made up the Thai red curry over the weekend and it was absolutely delicious!

Thank you so much!  

Jacqueline, Brighton

Bipin, some feedback!

I have had the Jeera (Yum), Grama and now the Machi (with prawns,  wow,  that one was amazing!). They are just the perfect hotness for us. I can't believe they are so yummy, and so much better than shop quality.

Looking forward to the rest and will definitely  recommend  you.

Abbey, Toddington

Bipins, my friend, Phil, gave me a few sachets of your products and I have tried and loved them. I made the lamb raan at the weekend and it was brilliant!

Many thanks, Chris, Chorley, Lancashire.

Bipin, I loved your spices and the family loved the lamb raan. I will definitely be doing this again. Loved making it and your tips and help were just fab. 

Thanks.  Lyn, Surrey

Hi Bipins, when I first told my family I was cooking slow roasted lamb instead of gammon on Christmas Eve they were horrified but I stuck to my idea and it went down a storm. Marinated the lamb for three days and slow roasted in the oven for around eight hours.Served with rice and lightly spiced veg and chapiati. It was fantastic and I will be doing it again. (Lamb Raan)

Thank you  Ruth, Fareham

Bipin, The Thai red chicken curry worked great – thanks for the advice.  Everyone loved it! 

Matt, Hitchin

Dear Bipin, Happy New Year. After the Christmas and New Year festivities, I fancied something nice and spicy. I only had some pre-slow-cooked lamb. I really fancied something spicy. I couldn't figure out how to introduce the spicy flavour into pre-cooked meat. Then I remembered I had some of your masalas left. I used your Sheekh Kabab masala and Garam masalas whilst making it. Seriously, Bipin, it turned out so good. Keep creating the spice blends, they're awesome. I'm sending some with my niece to Uni.

Best wishes Himagauri, London

My friend, Hazel from Whalley, has made curry for me using your sauces and I stayed at her house recently to do some babysitting and cooked a chickpea and potato curry using one of your sauces that she had in her freezer. It was so quick and tasty and I am now a convert!

Cathryn, Higherford, Lancashire

Thank you 4 lamb masala it was very good. I marinated a large leg of lamb for 3 days and cooked for 8hrs much better taste by far than my own recipe and the meat was really tender. Friends loved it! Sunil, London

Received the masalas now - thank you so much - we love them! - tonight I cooked one of them with chicken and vegetables - it was delicious!  I will tell everyone about them and will recommend them as much as I can.  We love the fact that the masalas are authentic and fresh.  Harriet, Professional Chef  Todmorden, West Yorkshire

Thank you so much. It has been a while, but just as I was thinking of making curry the other day I remembered there’s a much tastier way to do it with your help! Julie, Edinburgh

Wow, just tried your surti masala and although I am a heat freak and the naga has been my favourite your surti has just surpassed expectations. Together with fresh tomatoes, fresh chilli and coconut cream it was amazing.

Adrian, South Yorkshire

Just tried the mild methi masala and it went 

down a treat. We didn't have much in so did it 

with butternut squash and my youngest Max 

especially loved it!  

Georgina, Burry.

Bipin, The chicken was delicious. Marinade the day before put it in foil cooked low. Then for last 30 minutes opened the foil to crisp up.  Excellent no fuss no mess.  David, London  http://goo.gl/Glzr7N


Many thanks on the excellent service

The other's were delicious, so fresh, full of depth and flavour

Kind regards 

Richard, Grantham

Dear Bipin, 

The butter chicken, made with surti masala, was sensational. 

The lamb raan was also delicious.  I turned the leftover lamb into a curried shepherd's pie, moistening the meat with methi masala, which worked very well. A terrific product. 

Best wishes, 

Elizabeth, Lynton, Devon

Bipin, We gave the Massaman a whirl with some salmon steaks this evening and they disappeared very rapidly. No discussion at the table on account of savouring the food.

We had attempted to cook more than we needed to allow for a cold lunch tomorrow. However, with no debate we promptly ate the lot!

Enough said. Well done!

Best regards. David, Harpenden

I have been using your masalas for several months now. My favourite so far is your Jamaican jerk masala. I am yet to find a similar product elsewhere in the market. Please continue creating new spice blends. I wonder if you would be able to create a Kolhapuri masala (special spice blend from the Kolhapuri region of Maharashtra). I would be very interested in trying it if you are able to 'magic' it up. Thanks again, Himagauri

Thanks so much, The sauces again are lovely, Take care. Racheal, Lincolnshire

Just to let you know I received the lam raan masala and it was absolutely delicious 

Thank you! Rita,  Atherton.

Excellent,lamb ran, truely yummy! Thanks so much Bipin. Happy new year to you and yours, JJ. Clunbury, Shropshire

Happy Yule, Bipin! 

I finally cooked my first ever Lamb Raan. Absolutely delicious. The meat fell off the bone and was so tender we could have sucked it through a straw. The flavours of both masalas were out of this world. I was so over the moon when tasting the dish, I forgot to take a picture. Promise to do better next time, which will be in the VERY near future. Thanks so much for a very different but totally magnificent Christmas meal. 

Maria, Haltwhistle, Northumberland

Hi Bipin's  

The Surti-Jeera Lamb Raan when I made it last time was absolutely out of this world!! I could have sat and eaten the whole thing to myself!! The recipe was straight forward and easy to do, but with results like an experienced chef would expect!! 

Thankyou. Melanie, Sheffield

Hello Bipin, I could not believe my husband just made me an authentic curry. So delicious! He also made the marinated lamb for our friends and they all said it was better than a restaurant. The jars you get in the supermarket taste awful. Your products taste like real Indian  food!  

Katie, Worthing.

Hi Bipin,  Our Lamb Raan Masala was beautiful on Saturday, our guests were very impressed, thank - you.  

Wendy & Shane, Cornwall

Just to say Bipin, the lamb raan was fantastic!!! (made with methi and garam masala)  very well received by my guests - a big success!! thank you so much.  

Emma, Sandhurst

Hello Bipin, Really enjoyed the surti raja masala chicken in coconut milk curry. I like curry but this was special!  Dave, Welwyn

Hi Bipin,  

Have made quite a few curries now, all tasted great , another order coming soon ! Also had prawn Thai red curry....you, yu,m ! Really enjoying them and am spreading the word!!!

Belinda, Salisbury

We’ve finished our curry multipack of 6 and we loved them all. Possibly the garam marsala was the absolute winner, so hard to judge what was best, so same selection all over again for me!   It’s been a week without a Bipin's curry and I am looking forward to eating them again. I have been recommending Bipin's to all my friends!   Claire, London

I was really impressed with the Surti Raja chicken with coconut milk meal.  I think that’s only about the third Indian meal I’ve had in my life and the only one I’ve really enjoyed”.  What I liked about it was the lack of any powerful aroma and the lovely taste.  Dave, Welwyn Garden City

  • Thanks Bipin - fab Thai green curry. My aunt described it as the best ever!! 

  • Sarah Lawrence, Ramsbottom

Good Evening Bipin, 

About a week or so ago I received the Multi-pack of all 6 Varieties of Bipins Masala sauces. Up until now my family and I have tried two and they are First Class. Being that my parents were born in India (My Grandparents went out there to set up the railways many moons ago) we all thought this would be just another sauce on the market, how wrong were we all? I'm sorry that we doubted your skills and to this very day, "They are the BEST we've ever tasted." Keep up the excellent work and we'll be back very soon with several more orders. Kind regards, 

Roy. Horsham

Hi Bipin

Whole roast leg of lamb raan went down a treat!  Thanks for the rescue pack on Friday evening!  

Rob & Liz, Hitchin 

Hi Bipin,  thanks once again for the spices really pleased,, the Kashmir chilli sauce was ace I need more of that, my favourite has got to be the naga masala but all are excellent . This is my new email address .
Thanks once again

Karl, Bangor

The lamb dish (slow cooked leg of lamb) worked a treat again. Jason, Vienna, Austria. 

..we had a wonderful meal [slow cooked spiced leg of lamb] and my husband really loved the lamb. It was a great success.
 Anahita, London.

Hi Bipin, Well you weren't wrong! So far have cooked your Aromatic Baroda Murg (using the Methi masala) & the pan fried salmon (using the Surti masala) & they have both been amazing, really great flavour. Equally impressive is that Rob has cooked both of those & even he thinks they are easy to use :-) Will certainly be getting some more, as will my mum I believe.

So thank you :-)  Liz, Hitchin

Bipin, I couldn't even compare it [Bipins masala curry sauce] to jars, far too good. It has so much flavour. And is cleaner than a restaurant curry, if that makes sense? We were just saying, its probably the best curry we've had. .... when I opened the packet, the smell was amazing, the packet was simple and easy to use, as was the cooking process, but the end result was fantastic, best curry I've ever had!! 

Helen B.Hitchin


The masalas arrived! GREAT! I tried the first version yesterday and it was delicious. I had only few things at home to add so I fried a chopped onion, added the Mumbai Rani Masala and some chicken, poured a bit of cream and let it stir
for 20 min. Doris loved it and I added a shredded a habanero to get some heat for my taste (even though the kormas are not intended to be hot). I loved it too!

It took me back some years when I was a regular to some good authentic Indian restaurants in London. How could I have survived without it? Thank you VERY much! Even after only one of your masalas I already can tell that you know what you are doing! Great, great stuff! Coming Saturday will be the day of Naga Masala. The plan is: onions, carrots, lamb and coconut milk.

In admiration of your work.

Mike, Germany

Hello Bipin's cooked Surti Masala with skinned and Boned chicken Thighs beautiful and Surti Raja Royal korma with Chicken Breast with added coconut milk absolutely sublime. I now have lamb mince basking in Sheek Masala in the fridge waiting to be devoured this evening with Rice,Salad and Poppadoms.   The H family of four are Bipin’s converts.

Sincerely thank you!  Kevin, Clifton


Tanks for everything.  I made the fish, the potato and spinach and the chicken surti.

I also cooked some other dishes from recipe books, including lamb koftas and seafood biryani.

All was good apart from the fact that my oven mysteriously switched itself off in the middle.  Everyone enjoyed all of you dishes though and I still have some things left over.

Kind regards, 
Alastair, Welwyn.

We absolutely love your sachets, so much we no longer order takeaway curry! They really are so tasty and delicious. We have even told our friends about you after using one to make a lamb shank dish for a dinner party. 

Emma, Westcliff on Sea, Essex

Hi Bipin,  Well your curry went down like a dream, absolutely excellent so thank you so much for all your advice and thoughts.  Everyone said how delicious it was.  Your products are excellent & so easy to use. Thank you again & you made my party food very easy to make!
Regards, Sam, Dunstable


....it's a fab range....and far, far better than XXXXX, which is like everyone elses over processed sauces. 

Michelle,  Hayling Island 

"Quick and easy and tastes divine. I bought the variety pack of 3 Masala and loved them all!

Have cooked with chicken, king prawns, and even egg (a first for me). Would heartily recommend to all curry lovers. You really can taste the fresh herbs and spices and it’s healthy to boot (only 1/4 teaspoon of cooking oil per serving). A repeat order is on the way! 

Richard, Letchworth

I came across your website by a recommendation on Jamie Oliver's web page and thank heavens I did.  I am a novice cook but love entertaining and wanted to cook something special for my friends.  As soon as my guests arrived there was an immediate buzz in conversation about the wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. When I later served the dishes all my guests were so impressed especially as they knew that cooking was not my speciality!! I have never had so many wonderful comments about my cooking "the best curry I have ever tasted" was the main one. Wow, and so simply to do - just add and cook.  I want everyone to know about Bipins fresh curry pastes. I will never buy a sauce in a jar again.

Beth, Dorset

Dear Bipin,

We are Beth's children Ollie (11) and Daisy (8).  We have just had the remaining few bits of chicken masala from last nights dinner party.  We enjoyed every mouthful of this delicious dish which overwhelmed us because we did not think we would like it as much as we did. We are hoping we can have it again or maybe we can have Friday's as "Indian night". We wanted to email you to congratulate you on your outstanding food.

From. Ollie and Daisy, Dorset

We really enjoyed all your masalas and now can't think of making a curry without one! We particularly enjoyed the Methi and Surti masalas.

Suse, Guildford

We are really enjoying the curry pastes! Many thanks, 

Sharon, Perthshire

We tried the surti masala with prawns, and may I say it was excellent as expected.  

Best Regards Mark & Louise, Yorkshire

We made the chicken Korma on Saturday,it was fantastic especially liked by my 14 year old son who is an expert on Korma.  

Best regards  Ian, Basingstoke

My wife gave me some of your spices for my birthday this year, but she found you in an article in red magazine. I won't use anything else now!  Paul

...masalas have been awesome! I fired up the Weber right away and grilled some Sheek kebabs, excellent flavours! And tonight I made some chicken curry with the Jeera, best curry I've had since I was in India!  

Emil, Sweden

Many thanks for your fantastic customer orientation! The new package arrived today.  We tested three of your curry pastes yesterday, and they got a huge thumbs-up by my family - they were really delicious. We will certainly be buying more. I will also probably buy some for our sailing trip in the med this July!

Beverley, Lidingo, Sweden

Hi Bipin,  I cooked prawn and coconut curry for hubby last night using the Surti Masala and he has begged for more..LOL.  It is nice to be able to see actual pieces of herb and spice in the mixture rather than the normal texture you get with curry pastes. Will definitely be ordering some more once I have used the others.

Kind regards, Lesley, Orpington, Kent

Thank you for your e-mail and masala pastes, I have really enjoyed them and I am ordering some more today.  I heard about your product from the Jamie Oliver site for his pastes, which I have made myself, but unfortunately they are not as nice as yours!

Kind Regards, Philip, Corby

Hiya Bipin's

How lovely it is to have bought goods from a company who actually seem to care!!!! I too work in Customer Services of a food mail order company & we care passionately about what people think… well done for a great business ethic!!! I heard about you from a colleague at work who was raving about your Masala, and as we love a “good Curry” here, had to try you!!!  I will let you know once the goodies have arrived…. And thank you again!!

Christine J Shropshire

Hi Bipin,  Just to confirm the masala arrived very promptly. It was absolutely delicious.

Many thanks, Sue, Devon

Morning Bipin, Just to let you know, I finally tried some of your pastes yesterday evening with chicken and it was lovely!  I've just bought more so I can have more of these lovely curries!

Many thanks, Dawn, Herefordshire

Sachets arrived yesterday and we tried our first recipe this evening.  Went for murg masala with summer tomatoes and it was delicious. I thought it would be dry without much sauce but there was just enough to soak up in the rice and the flavour was fantastic. Very easy and great to know what goes  into the dish. Possibly the healthiest and tastiest curry I've had for a very long time!  Looking forward to trying the other pastes!  

All the best, Chris, Wimbledon, London

Hello Bilpin , We have just cooked a curry with one of the Masala spices that we ordered from you and felt compelled to email you and let you know that it is fantastic!    We have spent years trying different pastes and “authentic” sauces but never managed to get that “proper” Curry taste.    I shall be ordering more on Monday!     Thank you so much and keep doing what you are doing as you do it so well!!!
Kind regards , Peter and Ann, Hereford.

Dear Bipin,  I just loved the masalas, especially the garam and the methi. Tonight we are having a very slow-cooked chicken curry. I took all the meat off a cold roast chicken which was lying in the fridge. I sauteed lots of onions very slowly,then turned up the heat,added your masala and stirred for a couple of minutes to release all the spices. I then added fresh tomatoes,the cold chicken and some chicken stock. Put it in the slow oven of my Aga for 6 hours. It's soooo delicious!!!

I love being able to have a "homemade" authentis curry without any fuss.  All the best

Eimear, Cranleigh, Surrey

....Your Bipin's Royal Baroda Masala curry I cooked at the weekend was a huge success and loved by everyone. The Korma Masala Range was ideal for all tastes - young and old alike. The service was second to none and the sachets are extremely convenient, so now it's easy to prepare and cook a delicious curry full of authentic Indian flavour. Thank you, thank you, thank you... you actually made it look like I could cook!!  

Fiona, Moray, Scotland 

Hi Bipin  ....I think the paste’s (bipins masala) are fantastic- they make a delicious curry.  So much nicer that the processed ones you get in the supermarket.  I wouldn't make a curry any other way now I have discovered these! 

Best wishes

Alison, Orhead, Aberdeenshire

....I have made curries for years, living near Bradford there is no problems with sourcing all the spices etc. But whenever I go to a decent Indian restaurant I always wonder what my curries are missing. Whatever it is Bipin`s pastes have it! Simply brilliant!  Geoff, Bradford.

..... tonight a revelation, a homemade curry paste (Bipins Methi masala) that when made tasted so authentic it pretty much was unbelievable, nicer than a restaurant and better than any of the homemade ones I had concocted (and I have had some pretty good efforts let me tell you, my 'Jamie' curry is renowned!). AND chief taster can eat it!!!! Yes!!!
....dish was an amazingly original flavour of ginger, garlic, onion, and just the right blend of fresh Indian herbs and spices. This fresh paste mix combined with coconut milk and the addition of the freshest haddock really was superb.  Susan, Lancashire 

I would just like to say a big thank you for the personal and excellent service for your spices. Found you website by accident, but am glad I did, ordered spices on Friday 20th Jan received in post Saturday morning. Tried out the surti chicken on Saturday and it was delicious and so easy - its easier and cheaper than a jar of curry but the taste is fantastic in comparison, and its saves having to buy loads of spices for different recipes if you want the real thing. I also sent some of the curry down for my son, he said it was great as well.  I am looking forward to trying out the others I ordered.  We are having a big family get together and we were thinking of having a curry night, will definitely be having that now and ordering more spices for it.

Once again thanks, 

Maureen, Carlisle, Cumbria

.....really enjoyed them all, I have just used the last one this evening which prompted my re order. What can I say? They are delicious, fresh, authentic, unique, easy to use. I have just transformed some boring chicken into a fragrant spiced meal. Don't give up, you need the editorials in the magazines I think?

Thanks, Jane, Chipping Norton

.....Just a very hasty note to say that our party passed off in great style and the curries were quite simply superb.  We had loads of compliments.  It was all that you said it would be, a simple assembly procedure with very impressive and professional end results.  Even my wife who is not a great curry fan was impressed – and that’s saying something.

So many thanks again for all your suggestions and guidance and of course for your excellent products that made our New Year’s Eve party such a great success.

Dave, Keynsham, Bristol

I ordered 3 packs of masala from you for delivery to Italy last week. Thank you very much, they arrived and have already been consumed with enthusiasm.  I had 2 packets of Kashmire masala and one Machi. The hot one [Kashmire masala] was amazing.  I just added it to beef and then added coconut milk at the end. It was divine but very hot as you had warned.

Having stockpiled most curry pastes from the UK to use over here, there really isn't any comparison. The Italians who came to dinner loved your curries!

Ruth, Udine, Italy

........Oh, the smell was just DIVINE!  Instantly, it gave me confidence in the mix of the masala, as it just smelled so good. ........remember here is that each Masala has been crafted by hand, authentically, by Bipin himself who has a scientific background and a passion for his product that is second to none.  The flavours are out of this world and if you're in the market for easy, authentic and fabulous curries - then you just have to give them a try.  They truly are a cut above any other curry paste.

Many thanks for the opportunity, Bipin!

Jenny Davis of Jennyeatwell,Pool.


.....Chicken thighs with onion and green beans and Agni masala.... Perfect. You're a god!!

Thanks Martin

We are absolutely loving the masalas - thank you so much! 

Lisa, St Albans

From Julia bipins methi masala Chicken Curry:

   “...The aroma of authentic Indian food filled my house and spilled out into the street …. Anybody could have been forgiven for thinking I’d got a real chef in  my kitchen conjuring up a feast of Indian amazingness

So in all .. You can have an amazing curry quite literally in 20 minutes ….. Made in your own kitchen … Just think how proud you’ll feel when all the compliments roll in about your amazing Indian cookery skills !!!!

Nice one Bipin !!!!! Brilliant !!!!”  Julia England, Foodie & Blogger  Blog its well worth readying.  http://networkedblogs.com/pgtkp

We really enjoyed all your masalas and now can't think of making a curry without one! We particularly enjoyed the Methi and Surti masalas.

Suse, Guildford

We made the chicken Korma on Saturday,it was fantastic especially liked by my 14 year old son who is an expert on Korma!

Best regards  Ian, Basingstoke

My wife gave me some of your spices for my birthday this year, but she found you in an article in red magazine. I won't use anything else now!  Paul

Good Evening Bipin, About a week or so ago I received my order of Multi-pack of all 6 Varieties of your sauces. Up until now my family and I have tried two and they are First Class. Being that my parents were born in India (My Grandparents went out there to set up the railways many moons ago) we all thought this would be just another sauce on the market, how wrong were we all? I'm sorry that we doubted your skills and to this very day, "They are the BEST we've ever tasted." Keep up the excellent work and we'll be back very soon with several more orders.

Kind regards, Roy.  Horsham

Hi Bipin, Just to let you know we tried your Surti Masala - which was delicious made with chicken and tomato based sauce - I loved it, as did my husband (who usually likes his curry's so hot that in my opinion you can't taste them)! We'll definitely be ordering more once we have finished the others. I'll also recommend to friends on Facebook.  Re the packaging - I think much better than having in tubs as less space used in freezer, really liked it.
Thanks Again Sasha, Glasgow

Hi Bipin - Just to let you know we have made a start on the curries ! We had Methi masala with chicken thighs and coconut milk, with spicy cauliflower, rice and naan (although supermarket bought Naan are
rubbish arent they ?).  Anyway, it was absolutely delicious.  Really tasty and lots of wonderful flavours.  

Cheers, Kate, Peterborough 

"Quick and easy and tastes divine. I bought the variety pack of 3 Masala and loved them all!
Have cooked with chicken, king prawns, and even egg (a first for me). Would heartily recommend to all curry lovers. You really can taste the fresh herbs and spices and it’s healthy to boot (only 1/4 teaspoon of cooking oil per serving). A repeat order is on the way! Richard, Letchworth

Hi Bipin,  The Masala was absolutely scrumptious thank you! 

Louise, Food Editor, Cambridge

Hello Bippin, We are really enjoying the curry pastes!  Many thanks 

Sharon, Perthshire

Lovely! It arrived pronto on Thursday lunchtime and I used one portion with chicken on Saturday. It was very easy to use and as I did not have any yogurt, used cream instead which I think might have diluted it a bit too much. Anyway it was better than Patak's and the kitchen smelt just like an Indian restaurant afterwards! Have frozen remainder and will use over the next few weeks.

Janet B. Tunbridge Wells, Kent

......it's a fab range....and far, far better than Pataks, which is like everyone elses over processed sauces.  

Michelle,  Hayling Island 

Hi Bipin, got the masala thanks, looking forward to trying the new ones.  Loved my last ones, especially the potatoes and salmon ones, although I did find that less of the masala was needed than recommended. 

Nancy, South Ayrshire.

Hi Bipin,  I have made a chicken curry with the methi masala. I love the taste. It is fresh and authentic. I added coconut milk to take some of the heat away.

Charlotte. Hyde

" It was great...everyone enjoyed it". Many thanks. Ann. Stockport

Unbelievable! I prepared a chicken dish for my wife and it was absolutely delicious. I have to say too that I have NEVER cooked from a recipe (and indeed, I have probably cooked no more than 10 meals in my life  -a meal meaning something for dinner at the end of the day. This was the simplest thing I ever did and it was just superb. The packaging, instructions and whole concept is just beautifully executed.  Simon. London

"Bipin, Pataks was my old curry paste ;) now I have found a new supply :)"   Martin

Hi bipin, I tried one of your pastes tonight. Extremely good, my father in law is Indian and even he would be impressed. Miles away from the harsh raw dried spices used in some big brands. The complex flavours where great and the freshness was captured. Oh and the fresh chilli heat was v good. Good work.  

Martin J.

-delicious--keep up the good work :)  

Christina & Darren 

Bipin, I tried the masala and thought the flavours, texture etc was excellent! It certainly had a kick to it. 

Dave F

I had the Jeera Masala, and I can honestly say that it was the best curry I have ever made at home.  The flavours were awesome and it was just the right level of hotness.  My wife, who is not overly fussed by curries really liked it and even went back for seconds!   We found it very easy to make and liked the fact that it was a paste so you could add as little/much cream or yoghurt as you like.  In terms of packaging I think that the product information should go on a card sleeve which the container slips into, much like you see for houmous.  Cheers, Richard G

 .....we tried the surti and methi masalas which were really great and I would definitely buy them if they were available in my local supermarket.  Fantastic flavour, Really fresh taste - definitely different and far superior to any other paste etc available the supermarket.  Fantastic smell from the spices even when still in an unopened pot.  Really easy to use. Wheat-free.


Fresh Peri-peri marinade, cooked chicken, we all loved it and it was a big hit with my 8 year old son too.  

Alison, Hitchin

Coated Sward fish stakes, gently cooked them, its was the best we’ve ever had, absolutely lovely, my children are big fans of Bipin’s Masalas.  

Claire. Hitchin

Bipin, I do want you to know how delighted I was that the pastes came in time. The first time I used them I think I over cooked the curry because it seemed that the chicken was a bit dry and tough I am so not used to cooking a curry at the last minute and so quickly !. However since then I have paid more attention to to your instructions and have been really pleased with the results and I realise that the best thing about these pastes is that they are quicker then convenience food ! I never want to be without a tub in my freezer ! You really have to cook it and taste it to believe it dont you ! also I put too much coconut cream in the first time so I have learn to only put in a little now and I dont find it takes 20 mins to cook chicken only 15 maybe.
So once again  thankyou very much Bipin I really hope you get this into supermarkets maybe you could go along the 'curry in a hurry' route....?

best of luck ! 
Louise L. Watford.

Bipin, ..... I first purchased your masala when you had a stall in Letchworth about a year ago. You told me how you started by your neighbour parents pestering you. I bought out most of the pastes from RJ butchers and the Barn at the Fox. I always freeze them. Of all the prepared curry pastes I find yours the most authentic. I do make a lot of currys from scratch but when time is against me nothing can beat your products.

Clive, Letchworth

Bipins Masalas are just so easy to make.  Anyone can create a lovely healthy family meal in just 20 mins.  Being able to freeze them means they are great for the busy working mums.  After regularly ordering a bulk supply, we wanted the children to also enjoy ‘Uncle Bipins’ food.  I just mentioned to Bipin that although great for me the masalas were just a little spicy and hot for the children. ………..  It was then the Royal Korma was created.  Still packed full of flavour & goodness however, without the heat.  This really is a mums dream meal – quick, healthy, no additives and you can hide vegetables in it!  Royal Korma ideal for our little Prince & Princesses…….

Donna A, Yorkshire

Just letting you know that I tried out the curry paste this evening and the whole family loved it. It made the most tasty curry I have ever cooked (and I've cooked quite a few)!  

Lisa, Food blogger, West Midlands

We loved the Masala, a totally different 'curry experience' in terms of taste and preparation. We had it with chicken. My wife Jo was really impressed with the product, not knowing too much about about it - deliberate on my part. The freshness was experienced and enjoyed and because of the freshness it felt a more authentic cooking and eating experience generally. Jo mentioned it felt very Waitrose as a product!

Andy L, Essendon

Hi Bipin, Herts veggy group meal went very well, and everyone really enjoyed the food. I did cauliflower, potatoes and peas with the methi paste, okra and tomatoes with the garam and aubergine chunks, sesame and peanuts with the jeera. I really liked this combination- I haven't used peanuts like that before. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. I am attaching one photos, sorry it's not that good, I was so busy serving it all up that I forgot about photos till half way through the meal! 

Heather, Letchworth

We had Bipin's masala tonight, oh boy it's 

seriously good stuff. We all loved it, including 

our 2 years old boy. You have something 

exceptional going on there! Quick and yummy. 

As promised my blog post here: 


Annie Ko.

Corina wrote “So, would I use them again?

Yes, happily.   I really liked the flavours, 

although I enjoy making my own pastes and so 

would normally prefer to make it myself.   My 

husband also said he prefers my curries.   Well, 

he may have been in trouble if he hadn’t said 

that!   I feel these pastes are  perfect for 

someone who wants an authentic but healthy 

curry but who doesn’t want to go to all the 

trouble of preparing the paste themselves.   

This might not be typical me, but it is lots of 

people”.  ....here’s the blog http://searchingforspice.wordpress.com/2011/04/08/review-of-bipins-curry-paste/

Hi Bipin,  Just a quick note to say the end result was fantastic.  I came off my diet yesterday, prematurely and the first meal I wanted was a curry. We used some Bipin’s masala paste and added onions and fresh tomatoes, allowed to sweat down, a cup of boiling water and pureed to create a gravy. To this we added 2 portions of the “dry curry” and left it for 20 minutes, the results were fantastic. No doubt I will be ordering again soon.  

Many thanks Lindsay M. Birmingham

Loved the curry paste.  Tried it exactly as you directed

 with chicken breast at the weekend (it froze fine) .....the

 chicken was v tender and spices tasted v fresh 

.....think you have the balance just  right..... and  let me

 know when you do manage to get this on the shelves

 .....will be your first customer! Thanks.

Fiona Sims, Food, Drink and Travel writer www.the2fionas.com

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed

 the Bipin's curry last night.  Very tasty and 

easy to use, compared to having to make the 

whole paste yourself.   My husband still said he

preferred my own curries that I make 

completely from scratch but this is definitely a

good option for people who don't want to go to

that much effort.   I will let you know when I

write about it on the blog.  Corina

I used your methi masala last ngiht with chicken thighs,

green pepper and a little onion - absolutely wonderful, it

tasted divine. Just add some chappatti and a simple

boiled long grain rice - I was in food heaven. I kept the

remaining sauce to have with some rice for my lunch

today - perfect!      Martin I, Northants.

Loved your masala, and I can tell from your website,

your presentation and the curry paste that you care

about what you do.  Happy to help out and thank you for

sending the curry paste out to us.  We appreciated it

and are likely to visit your site again I suspect! :O  

Kay W. Lancashire, http://brinkofbedlam.co.uk/  

Bipin's Masala Reveiw on http://bit.ly/ezB4fB

Curry paste fantastic! Kellie W

Hi Bipin - We enjoyed SO MUCH the surti masala this

evening, which I cooked up with prawns, spinach and

coconut milk. It was absolutely delicious, and I will be

telling everyone about it. I look forward to trying the rest.

Joanna Wineburg, Food Writer for The Times, Vogue

and Waitrose Food Illustrated

Hello.  Yes, I was very happy with the

previous set, lovely flavours, and a little

went a very long way.  And you can make a

good curry, cutting out much of the

preparation.  I wish you luck with supplying

the supermarkets.  If they tasted them I’m

sure they would be convinced.  You could

also make the point that it is local produce,

which all the supermarkets are advocating

now. Frances S. Letchworth

I'm working my way through the Masalas! 

I cooked 400g of chicken thigh fillets in the 

Surti. It was delicious and only took about 20 

minutes to cook. I stirred yoghurt through at the 

end. Cecily

Love the food!  Debbie E, Hatfield

Just to let you know we had a curry feast over the past 2 days and have used all the masalas. I used the Surti with large pieces of chicken breast, rather than chicken thigh for the Surti Murg recipe & cooked for a shorter time & added extra coconut milk, to give it a bit more of a sauce- delicious! I used the Grama for the Guji Gobi Mutter, the Jeera with the Roast Masal Aloo & the Methi with the Aromatic Roast Murg, again with chicken breast in chunks rather than drum sticks. My only improvisation on your recipe suggestions, apart from using a different cut of chicken,  was to add a bit more liquid than you stated, but the proportions of chicken/veg you suggested for each recipe were very good & the cooking methods amazed me as they were so simple yet delicious. I spent a lot less time in the kitchen than I usually do when I cook curries- so many thanks!  All were excellent & my husband will be ordering more soon.  Jeanette G. (Donald's wife) 

Hello Bipin, you're starting to get a following in our office - another colleague tried one and loved it so no doubt more orders on there way.  Generally same comments, amazingly fresh, guilt free unlike other shop brought indian sauces, quick and easy and the results amazing.  Darry V. Hitchin

"By far the most authentic fresh masala sauces I

 have tried, simple to use and delicious to eat! 

Ruth, from Devon"

I and my husband really enjoyed the meal we made with your paste - the flavour was really fresh and also concentrated - we were surprised how far the small pot went. We were reminded of a lovely home made 'curry' we were given in a guest house in Alibag, a seaside village close to what was then Bombay ( this was back in the early 1970's after visiting our guru in Poona). Look forward to trying the rest of your range and enjoying the methi masala again. Chetna J. Hitchin

Everyone on our table thoroughly enjoyed themselves at your excellent Indian summer evening.  We hope you felt it went as well as all the guests seemed too and that you had a relaxing weekend after it was all over. 

Sue & Richard

Frankly Bipin your product is unique; there is no 

other product available to create the authenticity. 

Paul T, Chef.

....cooked a chicken dish with just some sauté onions, red peppers, double cream, lightly fried chicken breast and your Masala was delicious. I ate it with some steamed Bulgar wheat rather than rice, awesome!  Chris G

Cooked on Sunday, chicken, extremely nice, excellent! Jeremy C.

Hi Bipin, have used up all the 3 masala [surti, garam, methi] last weekend and really enjoyed it....have started to spread the word to some of my friends to try it as well. I liked it...its really good for poor cooks like me. So finally I can fool some of my friends! Would like to order some more.... Seema P, London

I cooked the them on Friday night and WOW they were amazing!! Even the smell when I opened them was lovely! I cooked the sliced potatoes recipe with the Methi Masala (I did add some onion too) and Roasted chicken thighs marinated in the Methi Masala Then a chicken curry with coconut milk and the Garam Masala. I had these with a red onion and tomato salad and I was so impressed with the taste, really really lovely and my partner and teenage son were very impressed too. I think we will be buying lots more. Katy, Bangor

Just to say we were surprised how easy it was to make a delicious curry with one of your sauces. Thanks we will be buying again. Jim, Oxford.

Dinner last night was lovely. :) I used the Jeera tub, and added about 600g of chicken as well as a good handful of peas for some colour. Folded in some coconut at the end, and served with rice. 

Tim G, Hitchin

I first tried it at Donna’s and it was great, really looking forward to cooking it up! Catherine, Harrogate.

Loved it! So quick easy and tasty! Great for people

who work full time. Defo recommend!  Hannah W

Just prepared and eaten the delicious Jeera Masala, a fine fusion of fresh ingredients, this has to be one of the best currys available, thanks Kish for introducing this to me ...now where can I get some more..lots more? 

Phil down in Bognor

Just to let you know my family and I thought it was great, we thoroughly enjoyed our curry (even the kids loved it!) Cristina, Lancashire

The Masala pastes have been a great new addition to my kitchen, they are so versatile and easy to use. My particular favourite is the Surti Masala which is great marinated on some salmon fillets and then pan fried with some fresh herbs and butter......my son adores this dish! Most of the pastes suits vegetarian, fish or meat based curries; but try them on your traditional Sunday roasts they add a new dimensions to the meal. I now keep a few on standby in the freezer which are great for a short notice meal. 

Tracey, Letchworth

I made my second curry on Wednesday night with great results, so the product works well even in the hands of a cookery imbecile! 

Jon W.

Kim wrote "aka Something Wonderful Design" LOVES Bipin's Masala! I wouldn't cook with any other curry paste. mmmm.... have you tried it yet?

"Quick and easy and tastes divine. I bought the variety pack of 3 Masala and loved them all!

Have cooked with chicken, king prawns, and even egg (a first for me). Would heartily recommend to all curry lovers. You really can taste the fresh herbs and spices and it’s healthy to boot (only 1/4 teaspoon of cooking oil per serving). A repeat order is on the way! 

Richard, Letchworth.

 " The surti masala paste looks appetising and comes with  instructions and information which are very helpful.  although a bit on the pricy side for the quantity in the tub I was pleasantly surprised that the amount was actually enough to use with the 3-4 chicken breasts suggested.   For a novice cook,  it was exceptionally easy to use and produced a fabulously tasty masala dish  which the entire family enjoyed- even a finicky 12 year old thoroughly enjoyed it.   I would definitely recommend it." Francine C.

"I love Indian food but often simply don't have the time to cook a meal from scratch. Bipin's Masala is the answer - delicious, 100% fresh, natural and authentic, they are a world away from the processed jars you can buy in the supermarket. Busy or a cooking novice? Simply add meat, fish or vegetables to your chosen curry paste and cook! A little more adventurous? Why not use one of Bipin's Masala pastes as a marinade and add tomatoes, cream or coconut milk to create an almost endless array of delicious curries?" Sherrilyn B

Wow!  Supper was a success. I did one fish curry & one chicken. (Steamed the fish (cod) with prawns) then added your magic pots& cream!  Wonderful. Donna x.

The masala got a thumbs up from 

everyone in the family.  

The smell and taste was really good.  

We have had some with chicken and 

some with salmon-loved both.  You 

will be pleased to hear I have spread 

the word.  Patricia L 

.....really delicious, mouth watering, really, really nice!  . ( ....browned off the chicken, mixed in the masala paste, added single cream, brought it up to the boil, there was lots of liquid, and it naturally thickened). 

Holly at Boots

.... really like the freshness, cooked for friends, the flavours were fantastic!!! Lisa

...."Wow...this is not a curry paste but a beautiful combination of fresh herbs and spices. Healthy, fragrant, fresh, stir in, simmer, serve. Trust me, try it." 

Hannah Rosalie, Publisher, Wellbeing Magazine.

"....cooked for a large group of friends, there was a curry-head, and he summed it up.  He said, it was the best curry he's ever tasted!". 

P Food Technologist

......cooked up a Bipin’s Masala banquet for 80 guests, surti masala in summer tomatoes,  roasted jeera masala new potatoes, Gujarati aromatic rice, vegetable jeera masala, methi masala drum sticks, masala roasted chicken fillets,  grilled skewers of surti masala king prawns  Bipin provided all instructions and the masala’s. Worked out a treat, guests absolutely loved it they went for 2nds and 3rds, authenticity down to a T, worked brilliantly.  Thank you for all your hard work and again the banquet was a huge success. Jackie

......made up lamb kebabs & BBQed them (lamb mince and Kebab Masalo) went down a storm with my pals and the kids too! John

......made lamb kebabs (used the Kebab Masalo), what can I say, it was very nice, just the right amount of spice. Matt

Am surprised that retailers aren’t snapping this up, whilst there are plenty of Indian sauces available and thankfully the likes of Waitrose selling fresh sauces which is a huge improvement than those sold in jars by the likes of Pataks even the high end fresh sauces are not up to the level of the ones you sell.  One night when I fancied a decent Indian sauce and had run out of your masalas I looked in Waitrose and Selfridges and just couldn’t find anything to match it.  Sounds like you need to apply to go on Dragon’s Den. Darryl, Hitchin

......tried out the new Kebab Masalo, made the minced lamb kebab skewers, BBQ them.  Brilliant flavour, very, very tasty! Claire .......Kebab Masalo, ...mixed it into lamb mince, added bred crumbs and egg to bind it all. I made some burgers.  It was absolutely delicious. I want some more! Lindsay

......tried it out, absolutely loved it!!!! Designer

...slowly cooked lentils with jeera masala, it was gorgeous! Debbie

Just like say your surti masala paste was one of the best curry paste I've had in a long time great job. Matt


.... It was scrum!!!   I marinated 600gms of chicken breast, sliced into 10mm slices as instructed, skewered them and bbq’d slowly and the result was delicious.  A resounding thumbs up form all my family.  I had the machi masala and I shall definitely be purchasing more from your web site.  Will be trying a curry next time!  Kim, Manager

.....Another Converted Sceptic! .... I gave a sample to one of my friends who was slightly cynical(mind you he is cynical about most things). He rang me today raving about it and as he is on a diet he used creme freche instead of cream or yoghurt. Chris

.....it was very nice, its good enough for a Mauritius pallet ...and I don’t say that lightly.  Brian’s wife

…exudes pure freshness, delicious and unbelievably easy to cook.  Go for it!  Ian, Managing Director.

I'm working my way through the Masalas! I cooked 400g of chicken thigh fillets in the Surti. It was delicious and only took about 20 minutes to cook. I stirred yoghurt through at the end. Cecily

…..Surti Masala, it's a connaisseur's curry, a bit like a fine wine, gives a spectrum of focussed, authentic flavours and sensations. Dave & family, Stevenage

 …….just had Salmon with Surti Masala many thanks. …We loved it! Looks, smells, tastes amazing. ..lots of different flavours coming through and fantastic quality.  Think it’s a winner and will be a future customer. Tomorrow night chicken! Ellie.

 ……. we did try it last night and it works amazingly well and tastes truly fresh and zingy – thanks. Kerry.

....... Just thought I'd let you know we tried your Masala paste last night and it was fantastic. Even my wife, who doesn't usually approve of commercially produce sauces, was impressed, which is high praise indeed. Graphics designer, Luton

...."spot-on" right level of spiciness, brilliant flavours.  ...I only used 1/5th of the Masala with 200g of diced Chicken & folded-in cream. Dean, Builder.

...It tasted lovely & fresh, mixed half of the Surti Masals with 500g of diced chicken breast, cooked it with a little chopped onions and garlic.  Used the other half of the masala to make a butter-nut- squash with carrots in coconut-milk. ...it was delicious. Carol, Professional Chef, Stevenage.

....Miles better than takeaway, loved the flavours, Martin not sure about cream but I like creamy dishes - maybe I should have thinned out with water - plus thought could have done with less salt. Overall, would pay good money 4 it. Alison

...Curry was really nice, will be having another one. Terry.

.....Swore it wouldn’t be any good, not the real thing.  But having tried it you’ve got something! Sibtan

.....Will be cooking with it tonight, not going to waste time making the paste when I can get the real thing – Bipins Masala.  Jogi

.....Magnificent, we all ate it including my children, love it! Mum

....Best curry I’ve ever tasted in my life. Mum

.....Marinated some chiken all day with the Machi Masala, added a little stock whilst cooking it.  Served with lemon rice.  Lovely. So easy! Teacher

......It was lovely, Will be buying the  variety pack. Fitness Manager & Trainer.

.....Tried out 3 of the masalas for a dinner party,  Surti, Jeera and Garam Masala, family loved it, my dad even loved and he’s a bit of foodie.  Dad

…feels good, looks fresh, very simple to make, fiery and, delicious.  Marketing director, Department store HQ.

..... very tasty, real authentic flavour. General Manager, UK department store.

....loved it. Local preserves producer. Maya, Herts.

..Brilliant flavours, Specialist foods Deli.

.....loved it, made me feel healthy, it looked healthy. Becka, Herts.  

……..I used half of the masala with 500g of boneless chicken ..."So fresh", "loved it", my son found it a little hot and eat it all only used half. Worked very well. It's "crisp" in flavour, nothing like the stuff in supermarket jars.  Looking forward to the next half. Happy to pay £5, I've tasted it. Julia, Hitchin.

We loved it, particularly my partner who's traveled extensively in India, he knows his Indian food. ...it's fresh and full of flavour. Excellent stuff. Jacki, Letchworth. 

........My partner cooks a curry on Fridays.  He reluctantly followed the instructions "just mix the paste into 1kg of chicken, cook with the lid on the pan for 30 mins and fold-in the cream".  We absolutely loved it and my skeptical partner said it's the best curry he's ever had. Amanda, Cambridge.

.....Bipin gave me a pot and explained the simple procedure. ...couldn't wait to try it, got 1kg of bonless chicken, cooked for 30mins, it was quite frankly lovely and delicious. We loved it. Chris, Birmingham.

........ Made surti masala chicken with half the pot and folded in cream at the end. It was lovely and very tasty. Considering I don't like takeaways because they're swimming in oil and taste powdery and give me a tummy ache. ..Bipin's curry was absolutely fresh and lovely to eat, thoroughly enjoyed it. Gave the other half to my dad, he loved it too. Fay, Hitchin.

...It was lovely, Andy loved it, it was too hot for me, blew my head off.  I'm going to use the other half and fold in yogurt.  Mum. 

.....magnificent! we all eat it, including my children too. Mum 

...loved it. Prefer it any day to a jar!  Store Manager

.....simple, and  a perfect result.  well done! Media manager




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