"Rasoi Rani" Kitchen Queen Fresh Masala Seasoning for everyday Indian cooking. 

Helps you create a new authentic Indian herbs and whole ground spice dimension

Rasoi Rani Herb & Spice Seasoning Tub £10
"Rasoi Rani" Kitchen Queen Masala Seasoning for everyday cooking. Add a new authentic Indian Herbs and ground spice dimension and bring your everyday cooking to life! Only need to add ½ to 1 tsp to your cooking; curries, stews, BBQ marinades, stir-fry, roasts & grills. 30-60 units per tub using 0.5-1 tsp. Rasoi Rani creates a new dimension & bring your cooking to life.

 "Rasoi Rani" Kitchen Queen Masala Seasoning for everyday cooking. 

          .....add a new dimension & bring your cooking to life. 

 NEW  rasoi rani 

Kitchen Queen Masala Gujarati Seasoning specially crafted for everyday use to add a touch of spice. Rasoi Rani imparts a fresh authentic Indian taste and aroma to your cooking and will help to bring to life and add a new dimension to`everyday cooking of Curries, Stews, BBQ Marinades, Stir-Fry, Roasts, Grills and Rice dishes. Simply add and cook with ½-1 tsp.  Use it as a rub-on for chicken, fish. Over 30-60 units when using ½-1 per tub. Its easy to use, simply add the masala seasoning during your cooking

Store the masala in the freezer to keep the delicate and complex flavours in pristine condition. No need to defrost use directly form the freezer. Rasoi Rani  is a versatile way of bringing to life everyday cooking, ideal to add a little magic to your chicken, fish, vegetables and rice.

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