Bipin's Royal Korma Fresh Curry Paste


Korma that's not a Korma. Its much more! David.

Give it a try. You'll never look at a korma in the same light again. Guaranteed!

The Bipin's Royal Korma Curry paste range are all-natural, made using all-fresh Indian herbs and highest quality fresh whole ground authentic spices.  The royal korma masala are Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free.

The Royal Masala are popular with children and grown-ups too! Royal Korma masala are specially crafted for real professional Korma and Pasanda type curries but with authentic aromatic flavours and without the fat and spicy heat.


Chicken Royal Korma healthy fat free

 .....Bipin's Royal Baroda Masala curry I cooked at the weekend was a huge success and loved by everyone. Fiona, Moray.

The Bipin's Royal Korma's are aromatic, full of authentic Indian flavour and have a delicate fruity note. The best thing is there is no spicy heat. So, all can enjoy the tantalising Bipin's authentic Gujarati cuisine signature and are perfect for the hardened curry fans to the most fussy eaters to the little princes and princesses too!  Ideal for delicate taste buds longing for something tasty! 

The secret to the success of royal korma masala are the perfectly balanced fresh Indian herbs that includes fresh tender ginger, garlic, green coriander to the freshly whole ground premium quality authentic spices such as cardamom, mace, cinnamon, roasted cloves to star anise.  All of these spice and herb ingredients are brought together in a using traditional techniques into the little masala packet that all you need to make a perfect tasty curry.

Simply add the Bipin's Royal Korma masala fresh curry paste to 600-700g of your choice of meat, fish or vegetable, cook on low heat in a covered pan to retain moisture, fold-in single cream or coconut milk. Done in 20 minutes. Rest for 5 minutes, garnish with coriander. That's it. Enjoy!  Optionally, you could add some vegetables such aubergine, spinach, butter-nut squash, French beans, baby corn, peas.

Allergens:  Recipe contains Nuts (freshly roasted ground almonds and cashews)


    Royal Korma masala are suitable for BBQ, Korma Curry, Aromatic Vegetable and Traditional Chicken Curry

There are three unique royal masala profiles. Bipin's Royal Baroda Masala, Mumbai Rani Masala and Bipin's Surti Raja .....all authentic and inspired by Bipin's original masala range.  These curry pastes are a intensely flavoursome compact system made using traditional Gujarati cookery techniques. It's all down to highest quality whole ground spices and fresh green Indian herbs all brought together using traditional techniques and 100's of years of tradition.

You'll be able to recreate professional Michelin Star Korma and Pasanda dishes, guaranteed

All natural Fresh & Authenticity is at the center of the masala - fresh curry pastes


Royal Korma Range £10 (3 Masala's)
3 New "Korma" Masala's "Royal Baroda" "Surti Raja" "Mumbai Rani"


Bipin's Royal Baroda Masala -

classic flavours of aromatic Gujarati cuisine brought together with a subtle fruity note, perfect for creating full flavour authentic dish without any of the spicy heat.  To create a saucy dish finish off with a splash of single cream or coconut milk.  Perefect for meat and vegetables.


Bipins all fresh all natural royal korma curry paste curry sauce


Bipin's Mumbai Rani Masala 

A full bodied:Full Flavour masala with a delicate fenugreek / fruity note and an almond under tones.  Ideal for lamb or chicken. To create a saucy dish finish off with a splash of single cream or coconut milk. This will deliver an exquisite pasanda curry. Alternatively try Greek style yoghurt or cream fraiche.

Ideal for with root vegetables too.

Bipins Royal Korma Low fat Low carb All natural


Bipin's Surti Raja masala,  

This is my signature masala full of detailed 

layers of Surti Masala flavours.  Has no chilli 

heat with the full romantic taste intertwined with 

a subtle fruity almond currents.  Delicious with

chicken and prawns.  Try the surti raja masala 

with cauliflower, peas butter-nut-squash and 


Here's what Fiona from Moray, Scotland had to say

Your Bipin's Royal Baroda Masala curry I cooked at the weekend was a huge success and loved by everyone. The Korma Masala Range was ideal for all tastes - young and old alike. The service was second to none and the sachets are extremely convenient, so now it's easy to prepare and cook a delicious curry full of authentic Indian flavour. Thank you, thank you, thank you... you actually made it look like I could cook!!  Kind regards, Fiona, Moray, Scotland


Royal Koram no chilli heat full flavour chicken curry

 Chicken Royal Korma Baroda  - Gujarati curry flavours No-Chilli-Heat

Slow Oven Surti Raja No-Chilli-Heat Royal Korma


Mumbai Rani Royal Korma roasted Aloo No-Chilli-Heat 

Mumbahi Rani Roayl Korma chicken with a dash of coconut milk 


A helping hand from two young Bipin's Curry Fans.  Thank you A and R for your artistic creations. Bipin xxx



Traditional Gujarati Spinach Bhajia Chilli-Heat-Free  - Crispy pakora in a specially spiced gram flour mix

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