Mora "mild" sweet pepper authentic Gujarati masala curry paste

No-Chilli heat, with a characteristic authentic Gujarati taste. Mora Curry revered by children and the delicate palette 

Mora "Mild" Masala

£ 10.00 

Mora masala 3 Pack £10 Authentic Mild Gujarati Curry Paste. Chilli-Free.

Bipins Mora Masala is a new authentic mild Gujarati curry paste retaining the characteristic flavours of peppers but with no chilli-heat. Perfect for Kids curries. The flavour profile is a mirror image of the traditional classic garam masala. The mora masala is ideal for introducing Indian flavours to children and for the delicate taste palette.  Mora masala is perfect for making healthy chicken and fish curries.  The mora masala complements the mild rage of Gam Masala and the Royal Korma range.



  Mora Masala is Authentic, captures the flavours of sweet peppers

 mora masala to create the perfect mild mutter gobi shabji

Mora Chicken Tikka Masala 

Mora Murgh desi style 

Introduce Mild Indian taste 

Chicken coconut curry 


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