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Massaman Shrimp Curry - divine in every way! 

 .....gave the Massaman a whirl with some salmon steaks this evening and they disappeared very rapidly. No discussion at the table on account of savouring the food. David, Harpenden


Fresh Massaman masala -  traditional professional blend of wet Thai & Malay herbs + whole ground Asian spices. 

Vegetarian,Vegan, Dairy-free Friendly Recipe


Authentic Thai Massaman Curry Paste. For professional Chicken, Shrimp, Beef Curries (£12. Total of 3 pack, 4 servings per pack)


The Personal Story - Shanghai Connection

Ten months ago I experienced a brilliant Mssaman chicken curry in Shanghai.  I had to have 5 helpings, it was that good!  A real authentic Massaman curry is not chilli-hot but has a subtle palm sugar sweetness, a zesty undercurrent with rich Thai aroma and fresh tropical coconut.  Its made with a freshly pounded lemon grass, tender galangal, fresh kaffir lime, garlic and sometimes toasted coconut, crushed pea nuts and coconut milk,  plus a whole host of Thai spices that creates unique taste profile.

I've recreated a real fresh Massaman-ultra curry paste for all to enjoy a real Massaman at home.  Its been crafted to deliver the professional restaurant curry in your kitchen with ease and minimum of fuss but without compromise on fresh Thai / Malay flavours and aromas. 

The bipins Massaman-ultra has all the fresh Thai herbs and whole ground malai spices (18 in total) perfectly combined into a ready-to-use curry paste for the authentic Massaman beef curry to Massaman chicken or shrimp curry. The Massaman-ultra is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, as it is free of fish sauce.'ll love fresh Thai too!

Massaman-Ultra Masala: The perfect Thai Malay Curry Recipe


Here is a simple-to-make recipe for  Massaman Shrimp Curry that serve 4 and will take 30-40 mins. You substitute the core ingredient to make beef massaman, chicken massaman or mix vegetable massaman.


600g fresh raw shrimp or lean beef or chicken

1 lime juice and zest

3/4 tin of coconut milk

2 tsp fish sauce (optional)

1 tbsp sunflower oil

2 tsp Jaggery (alternatively good quality muscovado sugar)

1 tbsp ground almonds

1 tbsp crushed peanuts -medium coarse ground

1 packet of fresh Massaman-ultra curry paste (precise combination of authentic Thai/Malay wet herb and whole ground special spices  - available online from )

Chopped coriander for garnish. For a beef curry sprinkle a few freshly chopped ginger match sticks.

Cooking procedure

(i) In 1 tbsp of sunflower, on low heat, very lightly heat through the Massaman-ultra for 3-4 mins to release the flavours and aromas. Avoid burning the delicate herbs and spices. Add the coconut milk, peanuts, almonds, jaggery, fish sauce and bring it to gentle simmer. Cook for 10 mins with the lid on to retain the moisture. You may need add a cup of water to thin out the sauce and compensate for moisture loss.

(ii) add the raw shrimp, cook gently until pink, avoid cooking for too long as the shrimp will become rubbery.  For a beef or chicken -meat curry brown off the meat first and cook for 30 mins on low heat in a covered heavy pan. 

(iii) Season to taste with half to 1 tsp of salt. This will bring the flavours alive.  Finish with adding the lime juice. Garnish with the lime zest and coriander.

You will finish up with a rich textured coconuty sauce with a lovely aromatic zesty note. Serve with plain rice to avoid complicating the flavours. It will transport your taste buds to real Thai / Malay restaurant in a busy bustling streets of Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. In my case it was the air lounge at Shanghai international! 

The Expert Opinion on Massaman-Ultra masala

David, a seasoned culinary expert took the Massaman-Ultra for a test drive, made a fish stake Massaman.  Here's the feedback. Says it all. Excels expectations and gastronomes stunned into silence.  No more to be said!

Dear Bipin

We gave the Massaman a whirl with some salmon steaks this evening and they disappeared very rapidly. No discussion at the table on account of savouring the food.

We had attempted to cook more than we needed to allow for a cold lunch tomorrow. However, with no debate we promptly ate the lot

Enough said. Well done!

Best regards 


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