The fresh masala curry pastes cover a range of spice and chilli-heat levels from mild masala for delicate taste buds to traditional medium strength to hot to fiery hot for ultra chilli-hit! 

The relative chilli-heat levels of the different masala curry pastes and dipping sauces is illustrated in the chart below. I hope this will you to select the right masala for cooking the perfect curry at home. 

Any questions please feel free to contact me directly via the enquiry form below. Will be more than pleased to help you.


Bipins masala chilli heat range

  This is the complete masala range. Each one has a different spice flavour profile matched to protein or vegetable across different heat levels.

Gam Masala Traditionally Mild  

Royal Masala Korama Twist 

Thai red / Thai Green 

Hot Fiery Masala 


Traditional Masala Medium Strength 

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