Jamaican Hot pork Curry

"..I have been using your masalas for several months now. My favourite so far is your Jamaican jerk masala. I am yet to find a similar product elsewhere in the market. Thanks again," Himagauri

The Jamaica Hot Curryfusion herb & spice blend is crafted with Caribbean scotch bonnet peppers for that distinct Caribbean Curry that has a full-on flavour and chilli pepper heat.  Beautifully balanced with a clean hot fragrant taste. Ideal for cooking meat on the bone, lamb, beef and pork as well as chicken! Cook in the same was as all the other masala, gentle heat, way but try and use chicken on the bone, or lamb on the bone. If you like add a couple small chunky root vegetables to give an extra texture and something to bite. ...also drop in a little tomato purée to create thicker sauce with a touch of sharpness..  ....squeeze of lemon, sprinkling of freshly chopped coriander, salt to taste.

Jamaica Curryfusion (3 Pack) £10


Jamaican Hot Curryfusion paste
Jamaican Hot Curry Paste



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