Special gift ideas for home cooking including Traditional Gujarati Spice Tin, comes complete with 10 different specially selected premium quality ground spices and free replenishment voucher, Bipins Masala Professional Chef's Apron, Unique set of three authentic curry powders - Gujarati, Punjabi and Chef's special spice blend. A multi-pack of 6 unique fresh masala curry pastes make the perfect gift for creating professionally cooked authentic Indian cuisine at home. 

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A Classic Indian Rasoi Tin with Gujarati spices for authentic home cooking

Traditional family Gujarati stainless steel Spice-Tin with a see through lid. It  comes complete with 10 hand picked select premium quality whole ground Indian spices, includes Indian chili powder, turmeric, whole ground coriander, fenugreek, whole cumin, ground cumin, petite brown mustard seeds, cinnamon, cloves, pepper corns, unique blend of baa's grama spice curry powder.  

To help you keep cooking this quality spice tin comes with an introductory half-price spice replenishment voucher. 

£23.00  Stainless Steel Spice tin with Gujarati spices + half-price voucher for spice replenishment pack 





Unique Traditional family recipe Gujarati Masala Curry Powders. Hand crafted from 15+ premium quality whole and whole ground tempered Authentic Indian Spices. Each masala curry power blend has a characteristic flavour and aroma signature. The masala spices are steeped in 4 generations of history, recipes and techniques passed down the generation. The masala spices are made from 100% pure spices carefully selected, hand tempered and ground. These blends have been in our family for over 200 years.  Once you've tried it you'll never look back.



A multi-pack of 6 unique masala plus a 26 page recipe booklet makes a great present for anyone who loves to a real authentic curry. The masala's have a traditional heat level but if you prefer something hotter then we create a chef's mix pack of traditional, hot and mild masala too.




Gujarati Spice Replenishment  pack, -10 hand picked select premium quality whole and whole ground Indian spices, includes Indian Chili powder, turmeric, whole ground coriander, fenugreek, whole cumin, ground cumin, petite brown mustard seeds, cinnamon, cloves, pepper corns, unique blend of surti grama masala curry powder.


New Arisan Masala Additions 

New Lasani masala - Garlic Chicken

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Lasani Masala -roast garlic special masala for that authentic garlic chicken.  Add 1 tsp of masala to sauteed onions, chopped fresh tomatoes, 1 tbsp of tomato puree, cook gently until oil separates.. Marinate the chicken with the remaining masala with 3 tsp of natural yoghurt. Introduce the chicken into the sauce and cook for 20-25 minutes. Season and garnish with freshly chopped coriander.

Or use the New bipins lasani masala to make the lasani tikka use 600g of diced chicken or potato wedges or quorn + 1 tbsp of natural to create a marinade. Marinate for 30 mins and oven cook at 180 C for 20-25 mins. Squeeze of lemon and sprinkling of chopped coriander. 

New Butter Chicken Masala

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Butter Chicken Masala, classic cardamon flavours entwined with rich aroma and buttery, creamy, subtly textured sauce.  One of the best tasting curries you'll make.

 Lavingya masala - hot

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New hot masala with a characteristic chilli-hot over tones. Great for chicken and lamb 

Rasoi Hot Chilli seasoning 

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Add a 1-2tps to your cooking to bring on the heat and that extra spiciness. Best to stir in towards and the end of cooking.

 Rasoi Ginger Seasoning

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Rasoi Garlic seasoning 

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Extra Special Christmas Spice Plum Chutney with a chilli kick. Small limited edition batch. Made from organic garden Hitchin plums, Dows Port, Christmas spices. A super special accompaniment at the Christmas table. 


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