NEW Gam Masala fresh mild curry paste

traditionally mild with all the authenticity and aroma of a brilliant artisan curry

Bipin's Fresh Curry Paste sauce Gam masala traditonally mild


Gam Masala, 3 Masala pkts £10
"Gam Masala" - traditionally mild, full authentic Gujarati taste,no-chilli-heat. Pack of 3 Masala. Designed to deliver authenticity of Gujarati cooking without any chilli-heat. Peferct of delicate taste buds, children love it too!

 NEW Gam Masala

This is a traditionally mild Gujarati masala curry paste sauce with all the authentic Gujarati flavours without compromise.  There is no chilli-heat, just real traditional taste of India. You can creates a perfect Indian Curry without any sign of heat or fire!  This masala was inspired by Kathy from Baldock, Herts, who wanted a mild but with all of the Bipin's unique authentic flavours. 

This Gam masala delivers all the fresh aromatic taste without the heat. There are lots of recipe options for chicken, lamb, vegetable curries to cook up. 

Perfect for the all of you with delicate taste buds. Children and senior people love it too!  Its a perfect way to introduce little ones to new tastes. The mora masala is vegetarian ann vegan




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