Fresh Masala Curry Paste

The core authentic Gujararti masala "fresh Indian curry paste" range consists of 6 different traditional flavour profiles which have a medium chilli heat.  In addition to this there are 3 different mild versions of royal no-chilli heat masala for the delicate pallet (prefect for children) and 3 hot masala for a real fiery curry, but tasty experience. The masala consists of a multitude of spice and fresh herb ingredients that are required to create a professionally cooked traditional Gujarati cuisine with shear simplicity and without fuss. There's no need for a cupboard full of ageing spices. The masala sachet has it all.  

The masala are a delicate blend of 20+ pure unadulterated fresh green Indian herbs and whole ground authentic spices based on 4 generations of authentic Gujarati cooking.  It is 100% Fresh and Natural, gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free. To create a professional real Indian curry simply add the fresh masala curry paste to your meat/fish/veg and gently cook. Job done!

In short,  Bipin's masala will put real authentic Indian curry cooking experience in your own hands, in your own kitchen and most importantly without the need to have experience of using lots of fresh spices and fresh herbs. 



Traditional HOT CURRY  

Special Edition Gastronomic Delights 

New Hot Masala Indian Curry Paste, Marinated Chilli, Chutney 

What is a "Masala"?

"Masala" is a Gujarati word, literally translated it means; 

"a blend of fresh herbs & authentic freshly ground spices"

 Bipin's Fresh curry masala - a convenient time saving way to make a real authentic curry in your own kitchen and without compromise.

Simply add the curry paste to your meat / fish / vegetables and cook. Job done!

There is lots more on Bipins Blog or feel free to e-mail me with your questions and suggestions.


Bipin's Masala Fresh Curry Paste:Range & Accompaniments 

 All-Fresh : All-Natural Fresh Curry Pastes, all beautifully hand crafted with 20+ herbs and spices using our traditional Gujarati family recipes

Bipins Traditional Gujarati 

Authentic Fresh Curry Paste Range of 6 

Bipin's Royal Korma Range 

Unique Chilli-Heat Free Curry Paste


Hot Full-Authentic Flavour 

3 Unique Curry Pastes-not for faint hearted


Authentic Chilli Accompaniment

for the perfect Indian meal 



  Gam Masala Traditionally Mild

beautifully authentic and chilli-heat-free

....crafted to absolute perfection for the delicate taste buds.


"Rasoi Rani" Kitchen Queen Masala Seasoning. 

Only need to add ½-1 tsp to your cooking; curries, stews, BBQ marinades, stir-fry, roasts and grills.

.....add a new dimension & bring your cooking to life.



Mora "mild" sweet pepper authentic masala

No-Chilli heat, with a characteristic authentic Gujarati taste. Mora Curry revered by children and the delicate palette 


Massaman Masala Curry Paste for that Authentic Classic tropical Thai meat and fish curry 

medium-hot with that classic Thai/Malay Signature, All Fresh Thai green herbs and spices, vegetarian. No-fish sauce recipe.



Bipins Thai-Red Authentic Thai Curry Paste

Thai-Red All Fresh Thai Curry Paste - traditional, complete authentic  flavours and aromas, All natural , Free of fish sauce, All Vegetarian


Caribbean Jerk, Capturing the freshness & authenticity 

Caribbean Influence - subtly hot fresh Jerk , perfectly balanced heat combination, All Natural, All Pure,  With bags of passion



Bipin's Traditional Butter Chicken Masala 

Mumbai Butter Chicken is a special rich aromatic masala brings out the flavours of cardamom.  All natural , All Vegetarian and Vegan. Perfect for making butter chicken or butter paneer.


Bipin's Authentic Grama Curry Spice

A secret ingredient in authentic Indian cuisine that makes all the difference. Complex ratio of 15+ spices to family recipe married up to create a layers of taste and aroma that transforms a curry.  Used a core ingredient and as a seasoning.



Bipins Thai-Green Authentic Thai Curry Paste

Thai-Green All Fresh Thai Curry Paste - traditional, complete authentic  flavour, aroma, natural , Free of fish sauce, All Vegetarian


Bipin's Kenya Green Fire! Nature Chilli sauce

A unique differentiated chilli pepper notes to be savoured. Perfect dipping sauce, add a tsp to heat up your cooking.



Unique Hot Kashmir Chilli Sauce 

perfect table sauce to spice up every day dishes 


Free bipins chicken curry recipes

27 page Bipin's Indian Curry Recipe Booklet 

Free to Download 

6 Different Traditional Curry Pastes paired-up with chicken, red meat, fish and vegetables
The most popular range of curry cooking ingredient

There are 6 distinctly unique  Bipins  fresh authentic masala to create unique meat, fish and vegetable Indian cuisine

Six unique varieties of fresh curry paste, Surti, Jeera, Methi, Machi, Garam, Sheek Masala. 

Each is distinct, deep and full of taste and captures the real essence of Surti Gujarati cuisine. The masala are 100% natural and suitable for vegetarian and vegan, diary free, gluten free diets.


How Hot Are Bipin's Authentic

 masala curry pastes ? 

The chilli heat level is medium across the bipin's traditional masala range that includes surti, methi, garam, jeera, sheek and machi. If you prefer a hot experience use a little less core ingredient (reduce the 600g of protein / vegetables to 500-450g) and if you like a milder experience then add more protein /vegetables, for example you can use up to 800g-900g. Alternatively, you can add half to 2-3 tbsp of yoghurt at the end of the cooking process. Try Greek-style yoghurt, works exceptionally well.  You will discover the flavour and heat level is gentle, satisfying and very different. If you prefer no-chilli heat and would like all the authentic flavour the Bipin's Royal Korama no-chilli heat free is just for you. I have complied a list of cooking tips that you will find useful and perhaps you may wish share your cooking experiences too.

Bipins Royal Korma Fresh Masala

No-Heat: Full Authentic Flavour 

Bipin's Royal Korma range, created through popular demand a special new Bipin's Royal Korma "No-Spicy Heat : Full-Flavour" range has been introduced with a subtle tasty fruity note. There is no chilli-spicy heat and there is absolutely no compromise of the Bipin's deep aromatic and complex Indian flavours. 

Its delicious even for those hardened chilli-hot curry eaters, you'll enjoy and experience of all the authentic flavours.

Three very distinct Royal Korma verities "Bipin's Royal Baroda", "Bipin's Surti  Raja" and "Bipin's Mumbai Rani".  All delicious and for all to enjoy. Bipin's Royal Korma masala's are perfect for your little princesses and princesses too! 


Royal Korma Variety Pack

£10 for a pack of 3

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Shelf-Life and Storage 

Bipin's masala are prepared with 100% passion and care to retain all the freshness of the green Indian herbs and combined with tempered whole ground authentic Gujarati spices. 

Bipins masala is a real artisan, hand crafted fresh gourmet  produce and it is best to store in the freezer as this will retain all the flavours and aromas intact and prevent any degradation. The masala are ready to use straight from the freezer and there is absolutely no need to defrost.  

Stored correctly the masala will keep in pristine conditions for many, many months.


Bipins masala storage please refrigerate

Bipin's fresh curry pastes for Authentic Healthy Curry Cooking 

Marchi Masala: to create a traditional full authentic flavour hot curry  

We're now moved to a Green Eco-Friendly packaging that is convenient to store and occupies minimal space in the fridge-freezer. 

Fresh whole ground Gujarati 5-spice pack - authentic and brilliantly aromatic

hand picked professional cooking at home

Turmeric, coriander, coarse coriander, aromatic cumin, tadka 5-spice

bipins methi crust lamb curry stakes recipe

Methi Masala crust extra-lean lamb takes, pan seared, gently cooked through 30-40 minutes at 140C in a heavy ceramic oven tray




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