If you've been looking for ways of creating authentic healthy Indian Cuisine and curries then you've fund the right place. Bipin's masala cooking is simple and convenient way of making gourmet Michelin star curries. Its all made simple with professionally bended compact fresh Indian herbs and highest quality whole ground authentic spices.

Professional authentic curry cooking is made easy with Bipin's fresh masala curry pastes. The masala concept has been in use for 100's of years in Gujarati Indian cooking.  The secret is in precise combination of Indian herbs, common and unusual regional dry spices that are combined into a fresh masala (not preserved) - a distant relative of the curry paste.  

We have over 15 unique masala on offer for a host of different meats, vegetables and fish dishes.  The principle is based on all the necessary herbs and spices are professionally combined together in the exact proportions for the best matching flavour profile for meat, fish and vegetables.

You can create the perfect authentic spiced dishes and curry in 5-30 minutes by simply adding Bipins fresh curry paste to 600g+ of freshly prepared meat or fish or vegetables and cook on low heat. 

For a milder experience use 800g of the core ingredient. Additionally, introduce vegetables such as bell peppers or sweet potato or peas.  This will serve 4+ people. You will finish up with 900g-1000g of the final dish.  Or, simply use half the amount to serve 2 people and save the rest of the masala paste for later.  

Always cook on low heat to prevent burning the spices and provides time for flavours to infuse into the meat/vegetable.  Use a heavy pan to evenly distribute the heat and keeping the lid on to prevent loss of moisture. Cook for about 20 minutes mixing occasionally.  An option is to finish off by folding in about  2-3 tbsp of single cream, yoghurt or coconut milk. This will add a new dimension to the dish and make it saucy.  Warm through and rest for 5 minutes and garnish with coarsely chopped coriander.  Serve with plain boiled Basmati rice and green leaf salad with thinly sliced onions.  Job done!  

There is no need to add any oil, salt or water or brown the meat.  Keep it simple and natural, you'll be amazed how the flavours infuse into the meat/veg/fish. You'll be surprised as to the amount of moisture released from the meat/fish/veg. See recipe ideas on bipins blogs  or a personal recipe booklet download free Bipins iPhone Recipe App 

Further details on making the perfect healthy authentic curry in your kitchen see Bipins cooking tips and FAQ.


How To Cook the Perfect Authentic Tasting Curry

 Chefs Cooking tips and frequently asked questions. 

Bipin's HEAT LEVEL -traditional strength beautiful in taste and its not hot!

The chilli heat level is medium traditional standard across the traditional bipin's masala range (Surti, Garam, Methi, Sheek, Jeera and Machi).

If you prefer a hot experience use less core ingredient (reduce the 600g of protein / vegetables to 500-450g) and if you like a milder experience then add more protein /vegetables, for example you can use up to 800g-900g. Alternatively, you can add 2-3 tbsp of yoghurt or cream or coconut milk at the end of the cooking process, particularly Greek-style yoghurt works exceptionally well.  You will discover the flavour and heat level are gentle, uniquely different, fresh and extremely satisfying. 

If you prefer the full authentic flavour and aroma and don't want any chilli heat then the Royal chilli-heat-free masala range curry paste or the traditionally mild Gam masala and Mora masala curry is for you and children absolutely love it too. 

The other end of the spectrum are the hot masala Marchi, Naga and Agni curry pastes.  These masala create hot curry dishes with all uncompromising authentic flavour signatures and aroma.

New introductions are Authentic Thai Red Curry, Thai Green Curry, masaman ultra and Jamaica Hot Curry. All fresh authentic flavours and aromatic.  Lovely!




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