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Buy Authentic Fresh Curry Pastes by Bipin's Masala. ...once you've tried it you'll never look back! 

12 Different Traditonal Masala Varieties with an additional Thai and Caribbean Blends


Curry Recipe Bipin's Fresh & 100% Natural Curry Sauce No Addatives, No Colouring, No Preservatives, No Flavourings
Curry Recipe Bipin's Fresh & 100% Natural Curry Sauce No Addatives, No Colouring, No Preservatives, No Flavourings
Variety Pack of 3 Masala £10
Includes 3 masala from a range of Surti, Garam, Methi,Jeera, Machi, Sheek. If you would like specific ones please let me know. MOST POPULAR INTRODUCTORY RANGE
Multi-pack £20 All 6 Varieties
Includes all 6 Varieties: Surti, Garam, Methi, Jeera, Machi and Sheek MOST POPULAR RANGE OF MASALA

International shipping: please contact us before ordering as there is a small additional postal charge that varies.

Please note: we have recently adopted  Eco-fridge/freezer friendly, compact foot-print packaging, it is a little pouch with small foot print 

for ease of storage, posting and handling. On occasions we may need to use the original little pots.

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PayPal Shop With Confidence 

The fresh all-natural Bipin's masala's are made from fresh Indian herbs and highest quality authentic freshly ground whole spices  -all hand crafted with real passion and 4 generations of Gujarati tradition for you to enjoy and experience unadulterated authenticity. Beautiful Indian flavours and unique curry signatures just as they have been for generations.

You can safely order using Secure Payment Pay-Pal,  use your credit/debit card or pay-pal account. Alternatively, if you wish contact me directly to make payment by cheque/postal/bank transfer or pay after the masala has arrived or to make special postal arrangement outside the UK. We'd be very happy to accommodate your special requests.



"No-Heat" "Full-Authentic-Taste" 

Bipin's Royal Korma Masala Range

Without compromise has all the Bipin's authentic fresh aromatic taste of a "cool fruity" note.  Three distinct verities,  "Bipin's Royal Baroda", "Bipin's Surti Raja", "Bipin's Mumbai Rani". For all to enjoy, including little princes and princesses! 

Royal Korma £10 (3 Packets of Masala's "Korma" Masala's "Royal Baroda" "Surti Raja" "Mumbai Rani". Its's kids favourite too!


Bipin's Masala Multiple Pack Combinations 

Variety Packs of 3. Multi Packs of 6 Varieties.  2 X Variety Pack (total of 6 Masala). 3 X Variety Pack (total of 9 Masala). 2 X Multi Pack (12 Masala)

Agni hot masala 3 pack, Marchi hot masala  3 pack, Naga hot masala 3 pack

1 X Multi Hot Pack (9 masala, Agni X3, Marchi X3, Naga X3)

Variety & Multi Packs
Please note the UK 1st class postage is £2.97 for a variety pack. Orders over £20+ will normally be sent by 1st Class Recorded Signed, for which postage is £3.97. We can also send by next day special delivery, just let me know if you prefer this. Variety pack normally consists of Surti, Garam, Methi Masalas. For postal rates outside UK please contact me before ordering as these vary from an additonal 2.50 plus depending on the international postal zones.


Want a different combination of masala?  Contact me and we'll be delighted to help. 

 Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb Raan Masala Combination Masala Pack

[methi masala X 2 and garam masala x 1] 

Special Indian Roast Lamb Recipe masala pack - by popular demand. 

Lamb Raan Combination Pack (methi X 2 , Garam X 1) Total of 3 Masala £10 This is a masala pack specially created for a slow cooked "lamb raan" recipe




- traditionally mild 


Gam Masala, 3 Masala £10
"Gam Masala" - traditionally mild, full authentic Gujarati taste,no-chilli-heat. Pack of 3 Masala. Designed to deliver authenticity of Gujarati cooking without any chilli-heat. Peferct of delicate taste buds, children love it too!

 Rasoi Rani 

-seasoning for every day cooking


Rasoi Rani Herb & Spice Seasoning Tub £10
"Rasoi Rani" Kitchen Queen Masala Seasoning for everyday cooking. Add a new authentic Indian Herbs and ground spice dimension and bring your everyday cooking to life! Only need to add ½ to 1 tsp to your cooking; curries, stews, BBQ marinades, stir-fry, roasts & grills. 30-60 units per tub using 0.5-1 tsp. Rasoi Rani creates a new dimension & bring your cooking to life.



Mora "mild" Gujarati Masala


Mora Masala 3 Pack. £10 Authentic Gujarati masala, chilli-free, for chicken, fish & veg. Pefect for Children and the delicate palettes.


Thai Masaman-Ultra Curry


Authentic Massaman Curry Paste. For professional Chicken, Shrimp, Beef Curries (£12. Total of 3 pack, 4 servings per pack)




3 X Butter Chicken Masala Pack £12.00, A mild masala with a rich authentic flavours and aroma for the most scrumptious butter chicken


 NEW & Unique

Authentic Artisan Pure Garam Spice Seasoning


Bipin's Pure Garam Spice X 1 £4.00 25+ servings of 1/8 - 1/2 tsp The bipins grama spice is potent, concentrated seasoning, strong unique authentic taste and aroma. Only need to use a tinny amount -an eighth to quarter-half a tsp per 600g of meat/vegetables at beginning of the cooking process. Or, a pinch as finsihing surface seasoning


                           Premium Select Traditional Gujarati Fresh Whole Ground 5 Spice Pack 

                                                                     Brilliantly Aromatic



£10 Traditional Gujarati Fresh Whole Ground 5 Spice Pack Turmeric, coarse whole Coriander, whole ground aromatic Cumin, ground red Indian chilli, tadka 5-Spice. 30g of each, ~10-15 servings



Authentic Curry Recipe Ideas

For recipe ideas you can download a PDF format  free recipe booklet or Order a hard copy below

or get the Free  Bipins Masala Recipe iPhone App from iTunes.

free bipins curry recipes


Recipe Booklet 27 page, Hard Copy, Full Colour Premium Quality Professional FujiFilm Photo Print. £4.00
free authentic curry recipes bipins masala


 Download a FREE Copy 

Bipins Masala authentic easy healty curry recipe booklet


   Bipin's Special Addition HOT* "Curry" Masala  

Agni Kashmir a traditional hot masala with the full authentic flavours, The Marchi Masala a full-chilli hit made with perfectly ripe habanero peppers and finally the Naga masala made with a little touch of the infamous Bhut Jolokia -Dorset Naga Chilli for that extra heat balanced with authentic flavours and without the taste-bud burn-out!  These masala have been inspired and created through popular request from Bipins fans and chilli-fans from our local chilli farm. These masala deliver the full trademark of all the Bipin's full authentic flavour signatures, the freshness with a real fresh chilli-heat twist!

*like all my creations I don't believe in mouth burning chilli experience as I feel it is all about the unique balanced layers of flavour and aroma signature that you can enjoy and not be drowned out by the shear heat and sometimes "eye-watering" pain. This equally applies to naga masala too!  I can assure you'll love the different taste signatures, the fresh authenticity and the aroma experience my fresh curry past cooking. 



Bipins Agni Kashmire Masala traditionally Hot full authentic flavour Pack of 3, £10 4+ Servings per pack Limited Edition
Bipins Marchi Masala a fresh hot habanero take Pack of 3, £10 4+ Servings per pack Limited Edition
Naga masala Pack of 3, £10. Made with Dorset Naga for that extra heat 4+ Servings per pack Limited Edition
Bipins Hot Premium Chilli Sauce 1 jar £ 5.00. A distinct balance of beautiful flavour and heat made with serande, habanero, scotch bonett


Complete HOT masala range Pack (9 masala plus Premium Fire! Nature Sauce) £35.00 - Agni masala pack(3 masala), March masala pack (3 masala), Naga Masala pack (3 masla), Plus Bipins Premium "Fire! Nature" Hot chilli Sauce


Kenya Hot Chilli Sauce Fire! Nature X 1 Jar £5 Premium dipping sauce with a unique signiture proifle to be savorued


 Thai Red Thai Green Curry

special edition curry paste



Thai Red Curry Paste Pack of 3, £12. Made in Bipin's tradition of only using Fresh Authentic Thai Herbs and Special Spices. Medium Hot 4+ Servings per pack


Thai Green Curry Paste Pack of 3, £12. Made in Bipin's tradition of only using Fresh Authentic Thai Herbs and Special Spices. Medium Hot 4+ Servings per pack


Multipack of Thai Green X3 and Thai Red X3 Curry Paste Pack of 6, £24. Made in Bipin's tradition of only using Fresh Authentic Thai Herbs and Special Spices. Medium Hot 4+ Servings per pack



                                                     Jamaican Hot Curryfusion 

Jamaican Hot Curry Paste Bipins Masala
Traditonal Jamaican Hot Curryfusion (3 Pack) £10 Crafted with real fresh Scotch Bonnet and Bipin's Spices that delivers a hot tasty meat Curries.


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A Personal Touch & Bipin's Reassurance

Bipin's Masala is locally produced in Hertfordshire.

UK Delivery: Please note to cover the cost of mail order delivery there is a small postal charge of approximately £2.97-£3.97 for 1st class roayl mail UK. Orders over £20 are normally sent 1st Class recorded signed for. 

International Shipping: For postal deliveries outside UK please contact us to make arrangements before ordering.

Postage. To keep the shipping charges to a minimum we only charge what the post office charge us . If you need to make special delivery arrangements and special next day delivery, just contact us with your requirements and we'll be pleased to accommodate them.  

Dispatch Times: We do our very best to dispatch orders normally on the day or within 1- 2 working days of order. During high periods of postal demand, normally at Christmas it has been known to take 10 days or more, this is directly in the hands of Royal Mail.  Availability of fresh ingredients and seasonal variations sometimes cause delay and without failure we will keep you up-to-date by e-mail/text/phone on the progress of your order.  The masala's are a "fresh perishable produce" and is hand crafted in small batchs so they're made to order hence on some occasions it can take a few days to get them ready.

Alternative Payment: If  you prefer we can arrange for a pay-pal payment request or payment by other means or if you feel uncomfortable contact me to  arrange the masala's to be sent out without any upfront payment and once you've received them we can arrangements for the payment. So, it entirely your choice, you can pay when you order. Alternatively you can pay after you've received the masalas. 

If you have any questions or wish to make other order arrangements please e-mail me first before making any payments and I'll be happy to accommodate your requirements. 

Customer Satisfaction Policy:  If for whatever reason Bipin's creations do not arrive in perfect condition, we will be happy to replace or provide a full refund, just contact me clearing stating the problem and it will be sorted out without fuss.  Please be rest assured to date there has been 100% customer satisfaction and we pride our selves of having built this reputation.  We work to create a fun loving friendly relationship because we're driven by our desire to empower everyone to cook their own authentic, all-natural fresh and nutritious healthy Indian cuisine without fuss, with all the convenience and ease.

Special Requests: If you have special requirements we'd be pleased to accommodate them for example, larger portion sizes serving 9+ to 12+, to complete bespoke dinner party packs, to single verities, to milder children's masalas, to even the creation of a new range, such as the "Bipin's Royal Korma" range with fresh fruity notes and Gam Masala a traditionaly mild masala which boasts no-heat with full Bipin's signature aromatic flavours. So if you would like something special just get in touch we'll see what we can do.


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