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Indian Authentic Dinner Party Bipins
Bipins Authentic Indian Dinner party

Bipin's, private chef personally caters for bespoke dinner parties through a personalised menu developed for each occasion. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements or just some menu planning ideas for that special dinner party celebration.

Gallery of just some of the dishes we can create for that special occasion, all tailored to your personal taste and requirements. 

Pacific Fish Tikka Bipins Masala

Sarah's Dinner Party,  Princess Helena College

Sarah's extra special dinner table setting  

Feedback from Sarah;  .....We just had Bipin cater a dinner party ....... he took time with us planning the menu, helped source some specialist ingredients, and from 2 until 10 pm had our 3 teenage girls learning to prepare what all of our guests described as the best Indian food they have tasted - a real tease for the tastebuds and well presented. We are rebooking for May and cannot recommend him highly enough. Sarah, Welwyn

Bipins Dinner party at Free's for Princess Helena College, Hitchin - Chariy Fund Raiser. - Lots of Authentic Traditional Indian Cuisine, with bags of passion for 13 VIP Guests 

Contact me for menu ideas

Bipins Authentic Indian Dinner Party

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