Two brilliant and unique hot chilli sauces, the original Bipin's Fire! Nature and Kenya Green Fire! Nature.  Both sporting a unique hot signature to be savoured.  

A popular addition to the Bipin's masala repertoire.

Bipins Kashmeri Chilli Sauce Premium

Bipins "Fire! Nature" is aunique premium quality hot chilli sauce with real flavour made from select Habaneros, Kashmeri and Scotch Bonnet chillies with a delicate bipins spice blend.  The Fire! Nature has  a real lovely flavour, taste of chilli and slow build up of heat and is All-Natural, free of everything artificial.

The Fire! Nature has been described as "Wow!  It’s fresh fruity nice texture, very good heat, very good balance and deep flavour. Excellent!  M

Bipins Hot Premium Chilli Sauce 1 jar £ 5.00. A distinct balance of beautiful flavour and heat. Made with serande, habanero, scotch bonett


Keyna Chilli Hot sauce


Bipin's Kenya Green Fire! Nature Chilli Sauce

A unique differentiated notes of Kenyan grown green chillies with a touch of spices, flavours to be truly savoured.

If you love hot sauces this is the one for you!


Kenya Hot Chilli Sauce Fire! Nature X 1 Jar £5

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