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Bipins All-Fresh Authentic Curry Tasting 

Wholefoods Specialist, Lechworth 


 Bipin's Classic Gujarati Slow Steamed Aloo Garam

All-Fresh Gujarati Scratch Curry Cooking 

Fresh authentic Indian cooking made easy 


Delicious Aromatic butter-nut squash & pea Jeera; Mutter butter-nut squash shabji

Bipin's of Hitchin created a couple of vegetarian dishes, free of everything artificial, gluten free and dairy free for you to sample, a Jeera butter-nut squash and new potato sesame aloo at Fairhaven Wholefoods, Letchworth a specialist stockist of allergy free, organic, eco-friendly groceries and food for special diets and unique local products.

Hosts Tim, Tressa & all the other lovely ladies from Fairhaven Wholefoods were absolutely wonderful, not to mention all the visitors who tasted my creations. I was very apprehensive considering it was all food critics and foodies. The response to my fresh curry creations was amazing.  I was told it was so authentic, so fresh, and so easy to make an professional authentic Indian meal.  Here are some of the feedback on two dishes that I created using the jeera masala butter-nut squash and the classic Gujarati dish garam masala tarka steamed new new potatoes.  Also made some jeweled rice for a little hungry boy. The tasting turned into a free snack!


Feedback on Bipins Masala from Fairhaven Woods Customers

-Delicious! Sue, Letchworth.

-Very very tasty! All curries are unique, the important thing is consistency of great flavour. Both fragrant and visually stimulating. Really lovely spices. Daniel, Letchworth

We’re not normally fans of curries but with fresh flavour of Bipins sauces are absolutely delicious. Of course the other superb quality is the simplicity of cooking with the sauce. We had rice, a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and some sauce and hey presto – a delicious meal! Tressa, Letchworth Fairhaven.

Its very authentic and has a unique taste. Delicious. 

Sengul, Letchworth

Fantastic curry. Tastes better than any I’ve had at a restaurant. Charlotte, Letchworth

VERY TASTY! Peter, Letchworth



Fresh Authentic Curry at Fairhaven Wholefoods, Letchworth

Bipins Splash of Colour. Road To An Authentic Indian Curry 

Delicious Royal Korma - Chilli-Heat-Free, Kids & Grown-ups Love it! 


Bipins fresh authentic curry at Fairhaven Wholefoods

Bipins Fresh Natural Authentic Curry Tasting - little meal! 

Bipins Mascot Indian Elephant -does it look familiar ?


Steamed Tarka Aloo, Vegetarian Healthy Curry 

Classic Butter-nut Squash Jeera 


Tasting at Fairhaven Wholefoods 

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