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All Fresh All Natural Bipin's Masala.

Bipins Fresh Authentic Curry

Bipin's 100% Fresh Authentic Curry Paste / Sauce.  ....its Natural through and through!

 ...... just all fresh, all natural ingredients prepared with TLC ...as its been for  generations and 100's of years of tradition.  


Bipin’s Masalas fresh herb heroes are six unique, highly aromatic, 100% pure pastes, inspired by Gujarati and Surti cuisine from India

Masala literally means ‘mixture’ and can be a combination of dried and roasted spices or a paste made from a variety of spices and fresh ingredients, often garlic, ginger and onions.  A base blend of coriander, garlic, ginger, lemon and a variety of red and green chillis – including Kashmeri, Birds Eye, Kenyan, Desi and Dutch – are combined with a complex range of whole and freshly ground spices to create the five distinctive, authentic and delicious Bipin’s Masala curry pastes.


Variety pack of 3 Masala's £10 


All 6 Varieties £20 


Bipin’s Masalas fresh curry paste sauce are so simple to use that absolutely anyone can cook a fresh, authentic, delicious Indian curry in the comfort of their own home.  

Simply add to meat or vegetables for a fast yet delicious mid-week meal or use as a marinade, add yoghurt, cream, coconut milk, tomatoes or a squeeze of lemon juice... the decision is yours!

Bipin’s – utterly authentic, fresh and easy!

Bipins Traditional Masala, a range of 6 unique curry pastes Surt, Garam, Methi, Jeera, Sheek and Machi 



Bipins Surti Masala fresh natural curry authentic pastes low carb low fat

Bipin's Surti Masala Curry Paste/Sauce 

This is one of our most popular Masalas, and goes exceptionally well with chicken thighs, white fish and prawns.  It has a deep, seductive aroma, a cascade of flavours and warm, well-rounded spices, featuring delicate tones of star anise interspersed with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. Robust and full bodied, the spice heroes in Bipin’s Surti Masala mix are a complex blend of more than 20 fresh spices combined with the heat of fresh, red chilli, which deliver a unique taste sensation and truly capture the essence of Surti Gujarati cuisine.



Bipins Jeera Masala fresh natural curry authentic pastes low carb low fat

Bipin's Jeera Masala curry paste/sauce 

Give in to the heady combination Jeera Masala – deep, roasted cumin, lifted by citrus tones and fresh coriander.  

Cumin is the spice hero in this paste, with a distinct yet delicate flavour and a roasted spice aroma. Light, zesty and aromatic, with a mellow, rounded heat, Bipin’s Jeera Masala is the perfect base for chicken, as well as vegetables.




Bipins Methi Masala fresh natural curry authentic pastes low carb low fat

 Bipin's Methi Masala curry paste/sauce

The spice hero in Bipin’s Methi Masala is fenugreek, and is an exciting take on a characteristic flavour, with a welcoming, potent aroma. 

Fenugreek seeds are roasted and ground to create a mellow, unusual taste reminiscent of celery and maple syrup. Ideal for red meats, in particular lean lamb, Methi Masala has a strong, velvety flavour with a high aromatic rating.




Bipins machi Masala fresh natural curry authentic pastes low carb low fat

Bipin's Machi Masala curry paste/sauce 

Featuring a subtle infusion of whole and freshly ground spices, let your senses give in to the distinctive Gujarati flavours and aromas of Bipin’s Machi Masala.  

Specifically crafted for white fish, Machi Masala is light and delicate to let sweetness of the fish come through without overpowering its subtle flavour.




Bipins Garam Masala fresh natural curry authentic pastes low carb low fat

Bipin's Garam Masala curry paste/sauce

Incredibly versatile, deep in flavour and with an inviting aroma, Garam Masala is a Gujurati signature paste, which goes exceptionally well with chicken and vegetables. Literally meaning ‘hot mixture’, Bipin’s Garam Masala is the antithesis of the dried spices you find in the supermarket. Fresh, spicy and fragrant, the paste has a distinct taste and brings warmth and aroma to your dish. A complex blend of 24 herbs and spices, we use a unique, age old family recipe to create a careful balance of spice, heat, flavour and aroma.



Bipins Sheek kebab Masala fresh natural curry authentic pastes low carb low fat

 Bipin's Sheek Kebab Masala curry paste/sauce

The Sheek Masala is specially put together for lamb, chicken, vegetable kebabs, kofta's and gourmet burgers. 

Imparts all the authentic flavours of the fresh herbs and a unique blend of ground Indian spices. 

Sheek masala will brings out the best of BBQ / grilled meats and vegetables. Give it a go with minced lamb you'll be amazed how good it tastes!



 Bipin's Royal Korma Range

Bipins Royal Korma twist range  fresh curry paste sauce are unique, have the uncompromising authentic flavours of the traditional range with no chilli-heat.  They're beautifully balanced in complexity of flavours and aromas.  ...what can I say, they're loved by the most delicate pallets of my senior fans to children.  Try it out they will awaken your taste buds and introduce a totally new dimension to culinary experience. There are there varieties with 3 unique bipins masala signatures.


Bipins Gam masala traditionally mild and full authentic flavour curry paste

NEW Gam Masala

Traditionally mild Gujarati Gam masala fresh curry paste sauce with all the authentic Gujarati flavours without the chilli-heat-free. Creates a perfect Indian Curry with any sign of heat or fire!  This masala been inspired by Kathy from Baldock who wanted a mild but with all of the Bipin's unique authentic flavours. This Gam masala delivers all the fresh aromatic taste without the heat. Period!  Perfect for the all of you with delicate taste buds. Children love it too!  Its a perfect way to introduce little ones to new tastes.

Bipins Fresh Curry herbs and spice mix seasoning

NEW  rasoi rani Kitchen Queen Masala Gujarati Seasoning for everyday use to add a fresh authentic Indian curry flavour to your Cooking  -bring to life and a new dimension to Curries, Stews, BBQ Marinades, Stir-Fry and Roasts.  Simply add ½-1 tsp to your cooking or use it as a rub-on for chicken, fish. 60+ servings per tub. Store the masala in the freezer to keep the delicate and complex flavours in pristine condition. No need to defrost use directly form the freezer. Rasoi Rani  is a versatile way of bringing to life everyday cooking, ideal to add a little magic to your chicken, fish, vegetables and rice.

Bipins Extra Special Limited Editions

Bipins masala limited edition are very special creations influenced by requests from bipin's fans and seasonal ingredients. There is now a new Kashmire masala - Bipins Agni Masala, Bipins Marchi masala and Naga masala fresh curry paste sauce. Recently received requests for a vindaloo signature coming soon. 


There is a NEW range of Fresh Moroccan Influence masala being trailed by a number of food critics.  Its coming coming very soon.  For more details and availability please contact me.


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