Bipin's new introduction are extra special edition range of 3 Gujarati Hot Masala curry pastes - Agni, Marchi and Naga masala.  All have a unique authentic flavour profile that are hot and fiery.   

The new range of Hot masala are All-fresh, All-Natural and most of all, all-authentic flavour signatures that are not drowned out by the lip burning chilli heat.  

The fresh hot curry paste have complex flavour that you can truly savour and appreciate, combined with a very much higher level of enjoyable level heat.  

Bipins Agni masala a very hot fresh curry paste  hot as a vindaloo

Bipins Agni Masala Curry Paste - A Kashmire Hot Curry

A new extra special addition introduction using seasonally available serenade chilli from a local chilli farm for hot fiery curry with all the mouth watering authentic flavours & aromas of Bipin's and a fantastic hot tasty curry.  Agni is a Gujarati word. It means fire! The Agni is crafted for lamb and chicken curry with an extra kick with the signature fenugreek tones.


Bipins Agni Kashmire Masala traditionally HOT Pack of 3, £10 Not for the faint hearted. Extra Sepcial Edition


Bipins Agni Masala Hot Authentic Curry
Bipins Agni masala very hot authentic fresh curry sauce hot as a vindaloo


Bipins Agni Masala Kashmire  Hot Authentic Chicken Curry Recipe:  Cook with about ~650g of chicken. Cook  off 1 large finely chopped onion  with a tin of tomato and a tsp of the masala for 10 minutes, add chicken or lamb cook on low heat in a lidded pan or tightly covered with foil  so as to retain moistures. Finish with a couple of tablespoons of cream or coconut milk or yoghurt.  Rest for 5 minutes and garnish with coriander for chicken and fresh ginger match sticks for lamb.  Squeeze of lemon to take it that extra distance. Serve with a little plain rice and a green leaf salad.  Job Done!


Bipins Marchi Masala fresh full authentic flavour hot curry recipes

Bipins Marchi masala inspired by chillies fans and our local chilli farm. The masala is based around fresh perfectly ripe habanero chillies together with Kenyan green finger chillies and red serano chilli peppers with a traditional Gujarati flavour signature. The masala delivers the full bipins authentic flavours, aroma and the chilli heat without overwhelming heat.  The Marchi masala is deigned particularly for creating for chicken curry. Try using directly with chicken or cook it the onion and tomato base.  Try using little tomato puree. The masala comes in a pack of 3, each pack creates a minimum of 4+ servings, more like 6 servings.

Bipins Marchi masala pack of 3, £10. Made with habanero for that extra heat. 4-6 servings per pack


Bipins marchi masala chicken and mushroom curry recipe
Bipins Marchi Chicken & Mushroom Chicken Tikka Curry


Bipins naga masala chicken jalfrazi curry recipe

Naga hot chicken Jalfrazi Curry 


Bipins Dorset Naga Masala for a hot king prawn curry

Bipins Naga Masala Fresh Curry Paste 

The Naga masala curry paste .....well I couldn't resist a request from one of the neighbours for a really hot hot masala.  So here it is.  A fresh hot aromatic masala with one of the hottest chillies in the world the Bhut Jolokia - Dorset Naga chilli.  I have carefully put this together so the Naga chill delivers the heat without obliterating your taste buds with chilli heat.  I've found this masala to create a lovely aromatic flavour with a dry hot burn that builds up as you go through the dish.  The Bipins Naga masala will deliver an authentic Bipins with chicken or king prawns and sliced bell peppers finished off with tbsp of coconut milk.

Bipins Naga masala. Pack of 3, £10. Made with a touch of the infamous Dorset Naga Chilli with all the authentic flavours. Serves 4+ per pack


Extra Special Hot Kashmeri Chilli Sauce - Devin 

Agni King Prawn curry hot aromatic vindaloo hot

Kashmeri Chill King Prawn Curry 


Bipins Agni Masala very hot fresh authentic curry sauce similar to vindaloo heat

Bipins masala fresh hot curry paste 

Bipins Extra Special Kashmeri Hot Chill Sauce 

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