Bipin's et al  Culinary Tasting & Cookery at Edible Ornamentals Chilli Farm 10th September  11.00 -2.30 pm


Bipins Masala Chilli Farm Edible Ornamentals Culinary Tasting

Bipin's et. al*. will be there creating a few mouth watering dishes as well doing a few cooking demons with Edible Ornamentals freshly picked chillies.  Come along, taste and experience something real & authentic. Guarenteed to awaken your taste buds.

*et. al. =The 2 Martins, Sharon, Prav



bipins masala stuffed Turkish chilli


Bipins masala spiced chilli peppers for bbq
Bipins tarka coconut & yoghurt dip w


.........will be looking to make a few of these dishes.

Bipins mature chilli peppers for cold platters



Bipins Chilli Sauce Fire Nature dipping suace
Bipins Hot Chilli dipping sauce Fire Nature


Bipins light chilli onion & yoghurt dip
Bipins masala serenade chilli peppers, not too hot, just right so you can taste the capsicum flabours

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