Free the 24 page Bipins masala authentic " professional home curry cooking" recipe booklet.

Fresh masala curry paste

The recipe booklet has real authentic Gujarati curry recipes made easy. All simple, easy and convenient to create in the comfort of your own kitchen. The result are a real professional Indian curry (check out the testimonials page from Curry fans across the country).   

The secret ingredient is a professional complex blend of fresh Indian green herbs and whole ground spices all combined into a masala a fresh curry paste. Its packed with years of tradition and authentic culinary experience. 

The cooking technique is simple.  Just add the masala to your protein or vegetable and cook. The results are amazing!

The Bipin's masala contain all the authentic herbs and a multitude of traditional ground Indian spices you need to make the perfect authentic curry.  

As you will see from this website this is my little world of traditional highly versatile Gujarati curry recipes for all to enjoy. 

Bipin's fresh curry pastes make traditional curry cooking simple and delivers highly sophisticated traditional Gujarati Indian flavours. ...better than most restaurants outside India! In fact good enough for my parents and granny too!

If you don't see what you like, please feel free to contact me and I'll be delighted to help you.

Bipins Masala fresh curry paste -consists of pure Indian fresh green herbs and a blend of whole ground authentic Gujarati spices.  The fresh masala is a blend of 24+ Gujarati herbs and spices made to age old family recipes and precise techniques.  

Its best to use is use the fresh masala sparingly to coat fresh meat, vegetable or fish and then simply cook on its own or with a little tomato/onion on low heat in a covered pan or under a grill.  A good starting point are the popular 6 traditional Gujarati Masala varieties of the fresh masala, traditional medium heat strength. These have been specifically blended for chicken, red meat, fish and vegetables.  

You can choose to include additional vegetables along side the protein such as  peas, potato, fresh tomato, spinach leaves, okra, French green beans, aubergine or pumpkin / butter nut squash, sliced red & green peppers.  

For a saucy curry, you can finish off by folding in a little single cream or  yoghurt or coconut milk. Further details on making the perfect healthy authentic curry see Bipins Masala Cooking Tips & FAQ. 

Below are some examples of authentic fresh curry dishes.  If you have any  questions or want  a recipe feel free to contact me at I’d be delighted to hear from you and will do my  very best to get you an answer.  Also see Bipins blog of new recipe ideas.



   Gallery of Bipin's Authentic Indian Cuisine that you can create in the comfort of your own home with ease.


chickpea shabji chickpea curry recipe

Aromatic chickpea shabji 

king prawn chat curry recipe

Chilli and coriander King prawn chat



chilli king prawn spaghetti curry recipe

Machi Masala Jingla

zetsy chilli scallops pasta hit of chilli

Machi Zesty Scallops 


chicken curry recipe creamy

 Garam Creamy Murgh Masala

chicken curry jeera curry recipe

 Jeera Murgh

King prawn coconut curry recipe

 King Prawn Surti Masala

Fish masala curry recipe with a cream

 Machi Masala - white fish


pan fried jeera chicken curry recipe

 Pan Fried Jeera Masala 

Surti Masala Salmon Crust fish curry recipe

 Pan Fried Surti Masala Salmon


stir fry king prawn jalfrazi curry recipe

 King Prawn peppers

aubergine garam curry recipe with a little cream

 Aubergine Creamy  Masala

Steamed aloo garam masala curry tarka potato

 Garam Steamed Red Aloo 

salmon surti pan fried masala curst curry recipe

Dry Fry Salmon Surti 


Butter nut squash curry recipe with jeera masala curry paste

 Jeera Pea-Butternut Squash

Jeera aloo roasted with sheek masala curry paste

 Masala Roast New Potatoes

Bipins aromatic Methi Lamb curry recipe

Perfect lean lamb methi Gosht

authentic aloo gobi curry recipe

Bipins Guji Gobi 


Chick pea shabji 

machi masala crust fish 

murgh -chicken methi in tomato 

Gujarati aloo saag 


coconut and yoghurt tarka dip

Coconut & Yoghurt dip 

Bipins spiced potato salad

Spiced Aloo Salad 

Bipins tarka coconut and yoghurt dip

Tarka Yoghurt & Mint dip 

onion salad

Onion & Chilli Salad 

Mumbai Bipins Royal Starters

Mumbai spinach bajia, fish pakora, spiced king prawn skewers 

Bipins Royal Mumbai Starters

 Char grilled paneer skewers with a tangy surti coriander dip



 Fresh spinach and onion Bhajia

Star Anise, Clove, Ciannamon Whole Authentic Spices 


Fish Machi Tikka pan fried spicy fish curry

Honey & Garam Carcoal BBQ Pork Belly 

 Fish Machi Tikka, Pan Seared


Surti chilli & lemon prawns

Surti or Machi masala with Chilli flakes & lemon juice , zest  

Sauteed King Prawns. Stellar! 

perfect bipins garam mugh tikka

Perfect Chicken Tikka, Garam or Sheek Masala & 1tbsp yoghurt, 

marinate 24hrs Oven, 15 mins 180C 


bipins masala Aloo sagg potato and spinach curry
Tarak Aloo Gujarti curried potatoes

Pan Seared Saag Allo with a chilli twist

Traditional Gujararti Traka Aloo - Bipin's favourite


methi crush lamb stakes

methi masala lean lamb stakes, pan sealed and slow oven cooked 

machi fish En Papillote

machi masala pangasius En Papillote, 10 minutes oven140C


marinated delicately spiced pepper 

Slow matured spicy pepper basil & olive 

Bipins aromatic lamb methi curry

Bipins aromatic Marinated slow cooked lamb methi 

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