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Helps Craft The Most Authentic All-Natural Gujarati Curries At Home

Bipins Authentic Fresh Natural Curry Paste Sauce 


3 brilliant delicate royal masala to enjoy

Cool Indian aromatic taste: heat-free

Surti Raja, Mumbai Rani and Royal Baroda

All-Natural, Vegetarian & Authentic!

For Kids and Grown-ups too!



Massaman Massala

For the Professional

Authentic Beef Massaman or Shrimp Massaman Curry

(suitable for vegan and dairy free diets)

Bipins Authentic Fresh Curry Recipes 

FREE 16 page or 24 page full colour "fresh all natural bipins authentic curry recipe" booklet for you to download. Or you can order a  photo quality hard copy on its own or order it together with Bipin's all-fresh and all-natural curry paste.

  Unique Kashmir Hot Chilli Sauce - All natural with an authentic twist

perfect as a dip or add a tsp to fire up your curry cooking

A unique, authentic 100% fresh Indian curry paste with all the herbs and spices you need in a little pot.  It is convenient, just add the fresh and pure Bipin's Masala [fresh curry paste] to your choice of fresh meat, fish or vegetables.  Simply cook for 20 minutes and you'll cook the best authentic curry you've ever tasted. Tens' of thousands of people have tried the masala and they love the authenticity and the freshness that brings out the real Indian curry flavours. Bipin's masala is one of the best kept secrets in Gujarati cooking, now here for all to share. There's more info on my blog too and feel free to contact me for any questions and authentic curry recipe ideas.


NEW Artisan Introductions 





Unique range of 6 most popular Gujarati Masala for 

the perfectly cooked professional Indian Cuisine, at home!

All-Fresh all-natural Bipins masala's capture the essence of Gujarati cuisine.


   Special masala flavours for meat, fish and vegetable dishes

methi masala char grilled fish banana leaf parcel sea brean curry recipe

  Methi Masalas scented fish griddled in a banana parcel to gently infuse the flavours in the flaky meat.

Bipins masala curry recipe

 Authentic Traditional Indian Ingredients

Freshest and Finest Hand Crafted

Bipin's Curry Fusion masala curry paste is made from only the finest, freshest green herbs and whole ground spices. The masala curry paste is ready to mix with 600g-800g of meat or fish, optionally add vegetables/onion tomato base and serves 4+ people. Further details on making the perfect healthy authentic curry in your kitchen see Bipins cooking tips and FAQ. Keep the masala refrigerated for up to a 1 week or preferably freeze to and use at a later date.

Bipin's Lamb Sheek Masala Curry Paste -utterly authentic lamb curry recipe


bipins moog dal vegtable curry recipe




Bipins prawns fish spinach bhajia pakora Curry recipe


Bipin's Jeera Masala Curry Paste Allo Gobi, cauliflower pea vegtable curry recipe



Bipins masala chick pea curry on naan bread curry recipe idea


bipins masala stuffed turkish chilli peppers bbq curry recipe


bipins masala garama masala authentic gujarati authentic chicken curry recipe


bipins fresh squid bhajia, squid pakora curry recipe



bipins masala mumbai paneer char grilled tikka curry recipe



Gourmet Indian Lamb burger - authentic lamb curry recipe


Bipins methi crust lamb stakes authentic lamb curry recipe


Authentic All-Fresh All-Natural Bipins Masala Gujarati Fresh Curry Paste Mirco-Sauces

"cook with ease the most authentic Indian cuisine at home"

Bipin's are a passionate local producer in Hitchin, Hertfordshire UK, of a unique range of artisan all-Fresh, all-Natural Gujarati Indian Masala. It is a distant relative of the colonial curry paste!  Bipin's masala is a convenient way of cooking real authentic Indian cuisine at home without fuss.  Simply "add & cook" to create a truly authentic, amazingly tasty aromatic cuisine. At Bipin's you will find a broad range of new dishes and original recipe ideas to try out. Over 14,600+ people have enjoyed the masala with unparalleled success in creating probably the best tasting curries at home.

Bipin's masala Gujarati curry pastes are 100% Pure, Fresh & Natural and provide an artisan experience of real Indian restaurant style cooking at home!  No Colourings, No Flavourings, No Additives, No Preservatives. Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free. All bipins masala curry pastes are suitable for are vegetarian and vegan. You store the masala in the freezer for absolute freshness. Bipin's Masala are very low in fat and low in carbs, they're perfect for a calorie controlled diet.  You can buy online mail order.

Unique: Authentic: Fresh: Indian Curry Paste: Masala in Gujarati 

The Most Amazingly Delicious Curry You'll Create. 

Guaranteed!  Good for Vegetarian & Vegan.

Indian Spice Crust Fish tikka on Bannan leaf

Very popular Bipin's Indian Lamb Raan recipe  -48hr marinated and 6hr slow cooked leg of lamb. Proving very, very popular. A central party piece. Tasty succulent flaky melt-in-mouth Indian experience. Its a real dinner party special.


Bipin's Masala fresh masala are gluten free, vegetarian, diary free, suitable for vegan diets, low in carb and low fat.  The fresh masala is true healthy authentic curry option. 

Fresh curry paste in New Convenient Green Eco-Fridge Friendly Packaging

All-Fresh All-Natural Authentic Healthy Home Curry Cooking

 Most Authentic & Tastiest Curry

 ....cook just like a professional! 

Bipins makes scratch cooking easy. Create the perfect Authentic Curry

Recent Cooking: Charity Events / Private Dinner Parties 

COMET News Paper Winners 

VIP Night of Spice at Hitchin Priory

a tasty dinner for 

four cooked by Bipin

 The VIP Guest Gallary


Bipins create Authentic all-fresh all-natural Indian cuisine for small private dinner parties of 10 to small boutique hotels to local pub Indian culinary evenings to children's school fund raising events to large 100-180 people charity events.

Bipin's Authentic & Tradition 

"....Bipin's Curry Fusion surges with the unmatched flavour of genuine, fresh and pure Indian cuisine.  Bipin's talent and passion for cooking authentic Indian dishes led him to perfect his exciting new range of masala.  The tantalising aroma, taste and appearance of Bipin's Curry Fusion is testament to his experience and respect for traditional Indian flavours and natural produce." Kerry

For useful cooking tips and feel free to download the Bipin's Masala cooking leaflet. To learn more please feel free to contact me and I'd more than pleased to help

Bipins masala Spicy Dry Methi Chicken Curry Recipe
Bipins Chicken Surti Tikka in coconut, roast jeera aloo, spiced rice and grilled chicken fillet curry recipe

Bipins masala 16 page or 24 page full colour fresh authentic curry recipe booklet for you to download as a PDF file.. 

Fresh Curry Recipes Bipins Masala Curry


bipins spiced filled sweet peppers curry recipe

Fine Dinning At Home & Private Parties

Your Personal Chef 

 Bipin's Private Personal Chef Fine Dinning Experience Contact me for details

Bipins Masala Fresh Curry paste featured in RED magazine Bipins curry recipes


Bipins All Fresh Curry Paste in Delicious Magazine




What are the Gastronomes saying ?

Look what Gastronomes are saying about Bipins masala. And if you like see more comments and feedback there is lots more bipins masala testimonials from people up and down the country to far a field as Hong Kong to Switzerland to Belgium to Orkney.

Hi Bipin, Just to let you know we tried your Surti Masala - which was delicious made with chicken and tomato based sauce - I loved it, as did my husband (who usually likes his curry's so hot that in my opinion you can't taste them)! We'll definitely be ordering more once we have finished the others. I'll also recommend to friends on Facebook.  Re the packaging - I think much better than having in tubs as less space used in freezer, really liked it.
Thanks Again Sasha, Glasgow

Good Evening Bipin, About a week or so ago I received my order of Multi-pack of all 6 Varieties of your sauces. Up until now my family and I have tried two and they are First Class. Being that my parents were born in India (My Grandparents went out there to set up the railways many moons ago) we all thought this would be just another sauce on the market, how wrong were we all? I'm sorry that we doubted your skills and to this very day, "They are the BEST we've ever tasted." Keep up the excellent work and we'll be back very soon with several more orders. 

Kind regards, Roy.  Horsham

Hi Bipin - Just to let you know we have made a start on the curries ! We had Methi masala with chicken thighs and coconut milk, with spicy cauliflower, rice and naan (although supermarket bought Naan are rubbish arent they ?).  Anyway, it was absolutely delicious.  Really  tasty and lots of wonderful flavours.  So will keep you posted on the rest as we eat our way through them

Cheers, Kate , Peterborough 

Hi Bipin,  The Masala was absolutely scrumptious thank you! Louise, 

Food Editor, Cambridge

We are really enjoying the curry pastes! Many thanks, 

Sharon, Perthshire

We tried the surti masala with prawns, and may I say it was excellent as expected.  

Best Regards Mark & Louise, Yorkshire

We made the chicken Korma on Saturday,it was fantastic especially liked by my 14 year old son who is an expert on Korma.

Best regards  Ian, Basingstoke

My wife gave me some of your spices for my birthday this year, but she found you in an article in red magazine. I won't use anything else now!  Paul

Lots more comments and feedback at bipins masala testimonials on the experience of using my all-fresh all-natural curry pastes.
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